Mike Tyson Identifies the Unconventional Fighter Claiming the Throne as Boxing’s New ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’


Heavyweight icon, Mike Tyson, had the most fearsome reputation in all of boxing in the late 1980s, so much so that he was dubbed “The Baddest Man On The Planet.”

Now in his fifties and a much mellower soul, Tyson revealed the current fighter who he sees more than a hint of badness in – and who is there out there better to judge?

Speaking on his podcast Hotboxin‘, ‘Iron Mike’ described three weight world champion Gervonta Davis as a “bad boy,” when the Baltimore puncher came up in a conversation with guest Stephen A. Smith.

“Gervonta Davis – he’s the bad boy [of boxing].”


There are few who would argue with Tyson’s assessment of Davis, both in and out of the boxing ring.

And whilst esteemed broadcaster agreed with Tyson and described Davis as a “monster,” he also was quick to mention and credit the 28 year old’s boxing ability, which often gets overlooked.


“He’s a monster. And his boxing skills are better than he’s being given credit for.”

Davis has never tasted defeat as a professional, and only two of his 29 opponents have managed to make it until the final bell.


He was riding the crest of a wave following his seventh round stoppage victory over Ryan Garcia back in April, which is the biggest commercial fight of the year thus far.

However, he is also no stranger to outside of the ring issues, which reared their head in the immediate aftermath of the Garcia win and is now currently serving a 90 day jail sentence for breaking a house arrest order, imposed upon him for a hit and run offence in November 2020.


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