Decoding Joe Rogan: How Five Words from the MMA Legend Silenced the Ali vs. Tyson Debate


There is no denying that the former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, truly earned a place for himself in boxing’s very own Valhalla. A prime Tyson was an unstoppable force of sheer grit and raw qualities which rightfully earned him the sobriquet, ‘The Baddest Man on The Planet’. Meanwhile, fans have often pondered how he would fare against ‘The Great’ Muhammad Ali, and the other immortals of the heavyweight division. And podcaster Joe Rogan made it a point to address it in the latest episode of his podcast.

Rogan was recently hosting his ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘ podcast. Moreover, stand-up comedian, Brian Simpson, was present as a guest for the episode. During the episode, the duo delved into how Tyson’s skillset made him a behemoth in the heavyweight division.


Joe Rogan believes that Mike Tyson was invincible

In conversation, they pondered about how Tyson would fare with the other greats of the division. This was when Simpson revealed, “In my mind while growing up. Mike Tyson was the first person I thought of that’s like truly invincible. Like I truly believed when I was a kid, that nobody could beat him.”

Rogan also nodded in agreement and mentioned that most people at the time believed the same. In contrast, Simpson mentioned that the older generation hated Tyson. And especially emphasized that it was because he represent a new wave of boxers.


Talking about the same, Rogan stated that the older generation used to regularly compare Tyson to old boxers. He mentioned, “I think Mike Tyson beats them all. I think Mike Tyson that’s prime. Mike Tyson that beat Marvis Frazier, the Mike Tyson that knocked out Michael Spinks. That Mike Tyson beats them all.”

Rogan also spoke about a potential Tyson vs Ali showdown, “I mean he might not beat Ali. But he beats everybody else though. I just think in his f*cking prime man, he was a force of nature.”

Additionally, Rogan revealed that Tyson was impeccably skilled because of how much he studied boxing.

Tyson talks about fighting Ali

While the debate rages on who would win in a potential Ali vs Tyson showdown, ‘Iron’ Mike himself opened up about how he would fare in a fight with Ali.

He was sure that Ali would win the fight. Moreover, he reasoned that while Ali had praised his punch power, ‘The Greatest’ had faced stronger punchers and emerged victorious.


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