“No One’S Going To Mug You”: Mike Tyson Once Clowned Aikido-Promoting Veteran Talk Show Host On Live TV

Mike Tyson scared people due to his ferociousness and knockout power in his prime

A young Mike Tyson would play along with this fear and troll people. This is one instance where Tyson clowned a veteran talk show host who supposedly promoted the Japanese fighting technique known as Aikido.

Mike Tyson made a name for himself by pulling various stunts and his casual approach to things. Tyson got a face tattoo, strippers, and even a real-life tiger because he felt like it. His speeches and interviews in conferences, talk shows, or post-fight press conferences have all entertained boxing fans. Mike Tyson is a man who truly believed in living free and in the moment. An example would be when he randomly gifted a luxurious Bentley to a friend. Nevertheless, this approach to life doesn’t always end well for the people around him.

In an old appearance on a talk show hosted by a popular media personality named Dick Cavett, Tyson decided to crack a witty joke. The host attempted to showcase the impact of Aikido. Cavett proceeded to get his hands held down by Tyson and explained the difficulty of getting out of such a situation to the people. But to everyone’s surprise, Tyson broke free embarrassing Aikido.

The audience cracked open with laughter at Tyson’s sly remark. However, even if that particular position might not help in a mugging situation, the ancient art of Aikido can certainly aid anyone who needs to defend themselves against danger.

Legend Jake LaMotta praises a young Mike Tyson for his boxing

Mike Tyson has always looked up to his idols. His biggest idol was his coach, Cus D’amato. But interestingly, Cus taught Tyson how to fight by training him to be similar to another legend in the sport, Jake LaMotta. The former middleweight boxer was a household name in boxing while Mike Tyson was growing up. His series of fights with Sugar Ray Robinson were iconic in boxing.


In an interview with Mike Tyson and Jake LaMotta, the latter praised Tyson and believed he would undoubtedly be the world’s next heavyweight champion. LaMotta also explained how Cus D’amato observed that Tyson was similar to LaMotta regarding a height disadvantage in their respective divisions. This compelled Cus to train Tyson to fight like LaMotta to replicate his success.

Such a moment left “Iron” Mike amazed, and it likely motivated him to go on and win the heavyweight championship. Mike Tyson would go down in history as one of the greatest boxers ever, thanks to the efforts of Cus D’amato and Jake “The Bronze Bull” LaMotta.


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