Mike Tyson’s Shocking Mishap Revealed – How His Wife Became the Fear of the Mighty Champion


It is very well known that Mike Tyson has been struggling with sciatica. It’s a condition that affects the nerves leading to excruciating pain in the lower back and leg. Previously, he was also seen in a wheelchair at the Miami Airport after which he revealed that he was suffering from the condition. Recently, a video of Mike Tyson trying a trick on skateboarding and failing resurfaced. The YouTube video is from the episode where Tony Hawk appeared on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson as a guest.

In the video, the boxing legend tried to perform a stunt on a skateboard. However, due to his lack of skills, he lost his balance and fell backward. Luckily there was a sofa at the back and he was able to trip upon it. He looked quite afraid as he quickly told his wife, “I’m okay baby, nothing happened”. Although at the time it appeared that nothing went wrong, Tyson recently revealed that it had worsened his back injuries. He stated that since then his back has never been the same.


‘Iron Mike’ doesn’t regret his stunt and also revealed the reason for performing it. He stated, “I don’t know. Well, you gotta show off to everybody that you’re the flyest ni**a.” The resurfaced clip once again brought the accident to fans’ notice as they shared their responses to the video.

Fans’ can’t contain themselves on witnessing the accident that landed Mike Tyson in a hospital

It appears that fans were unaware of the accident and its consequences which left Tyson in pain afterward. They lightheartedly joked about the video in the comments. One such fan, woowee4452 made a funny observation about Tyson’s reaction. He joked that “Tyson thought his wife was going to kick his a**”.


Another fan, madmonky also found the situation hilarious. He remarked that if it were Tyson from 25 years ago, he “killed everyman in the room for his embarrassment lol”. Meanwhile, thereapershow1075 also wrote a playful remark. He joked that “So even the mighty ‘Baddest Man On the Planet’ is scared of his wife lol. I could see the fear in his eyes, like a child. Man but what a wholesome moment.”

However, TheBarnz91 appeared to be surprised at the fact that the set was fake. He wrote, “I knew that wall wasn’t real bricks!!”. Another fan, TheBnicholas1606 said that “Eating a quarter of shrooms before the interview probably doesn’t help”.

Also, codgod1156 pointed out, “Mike was looking at them like food for laughing”.


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