Top 10 Greatest List Sparks Outrage as Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, and Others Are Excluded


There is no ideal list when it comes to the top ten greatest athletes of all time. Different sports have different requirements, and not everybody is a fan of every sport, so the internet goes into a frenzy whenever such kinds of claims are put out. Of late, a famous Twitter account, heatdaddy, swam in troubled waters as his list was heavily criticized by boxing and tennis fans. In his tweet, the user simply wrote “GREAT ATHLETES OF ALL TIME (Not up for discussion)“.

1. Michael Jordan
2. Tom Brady
3. LeBron James
4. Lionel Messi
5. Floyd Mayweather
6. Rachel Starr
7. Tiger Woods
8. Wayne Gretzky
9. Joey Chesnut
10. Roger Federer

Now, this user’s opinions matter as he has over 200,000 followers on his account and also has a podcast on his YouTube channel called Wet Jeans Podcast. Many boxing fans hated the fact that he’d excluded legends like Muhammad Ali and Serena Williams from his list. He did mention greats such as Floyd Mayweather and Michael Jordan. Let’s delve into some comments from the Facebook Post about the tweet by Second Tweet.

Fans are furious with the latest Top 10 greatest athletes

The list included NBA legend, Michael Jordan at no.1 position, with the record-breaking NFL player, Tom Brady at second, and the five-division undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather at the fifth position. But many fans expressed distress at no mention of Ali and Williams on the list.

One of the fans, Nicholas Adams, stated that Floyd Mayweather can be taken off the list. They wrote, “Yeah, you can take off Mayweather“. On a similar note, Ronald Zambori also wrote, “Ali was better than Mayweather“. One fan, Dean Hood, stated that no top 10 list is complete without Muhammad Ali, and branded this one as “bogus”. They wrote, “Any list that doesn’t have Mohammad Ali on it is bogus. He was and always be known as the greatest!!”

On the other hand, another fan, Cohen Heaton, pitched in for Mayweather to be at the top. He showed disagreement over the exclusion of 28 Olympics Medal Holder, Michael Phelps and wrote, “If we are going off achievements honestly mayweather Should be first, dude never lost….. also how is Michael Phelps not on this list…..”


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