‘Dangerous Guy’ Mike Tyson Left Tear-Eyed Talking About People’s Apathy Toward Him


It is no secret that Mike Tyson was a troubled person. Despite his tough exterior Tyson had a lot of issues he dealt with. The youngest heavyweight boxer grew up in a tough neighborhood on the streets of New York. Furthermore, he also had a lot of issues while growing up in his family. This was evident when Tyson spoke about the troubles he had before his medical tests. He also spoke about how he felt that people were insensitive towards him.

Tyson revealed that his mother was working in the adult industry. Moreover, he was living in a environment where his mother used to fight with her partner in the house. Thus, Tyson had a very tough upbringing.

What’s more, he also had trouble in his school. Growing up, Tyson was a very kind and gentle guy. However, other kids used to pick on him and bully him eventually leading him to toughen up and fight.


Emotional Mike Tyson pleaded before his medical test

Legendary Mike Tyson once spoke about how he felt about his emotions and people’s apathy towards him. He made an emotional plea before his medical tests.

Tyson said, “I’m Mike Tyson. I’m labelled a dangerous guy, a bad guy. But when I was in Boston, you know what I really figured out? When I was going through these extreme tests I really figured out. then I said Why am I going through these tests? And they didn’t understand why and one of the doctors said they’re afraid that you are gonna hurt somebody either in the ring and out of the ring. And I was dumbfounded cause I said what about somebody hurting me? Do anybody care about me? About me being hurt.“


Tyson spoke about how he felt as if the world was against him. He was being labelled as dangerous where he was quite fragile from inside. He was also quite surprised to find out that people were thinking that he was dangerous. Tyson also gave an insight about his mentality and why he had issues with people.


Tyson opened up

Mike Tyson revealed how he feels that people did not care about him. Tyson faced big losses during his life. However, he often used substances to keep him off the edge. During the interview, Tyson revealed how he felt about himself.

Tyson said, “No one ever cares about Mike. They look at me like I’m some juggernaut and I have – I’m stone cold, no emotions. Cause maybe I project myself to be that way because that’s my defense mechanism but in all actuality I’m very fragile and that’s why I strike out so much. Because I’m fragile and I’m easily hurt.“

Often greatness is molded from animosity. Tyson is a testament to how to turn around things in life. Despite unfavorable circumstances working hard and grabbing opportunities will lead to success.


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