Floyd Mayweather Breaks Two Decades of Beef, Praises Mike Tyson as His Ultimate Inspiration

Perhaps why people used to fear Mike Tyson is why they respected him as well

However, for a boxer whose career was riddled with controversy it’s not quite easy to earn the respect from his peers and fans. Despite of this Floyd Mayweather who did not have a good bond with Tyson once showed how much respect he had for the boxing icon.

Mike Tyson was the hottest prospect in boxing back in 80’s and 90’s. Tyson did not have the looks, charm and charisma other boxers had. However, Tyson used to rule over the fans and opponents with his fear. During his explosive career, Tyson amassed a staggering 44 knockouts and over 50 wins.

Despite having such a phenomenal record Tyson could keep himself grounded and out of trouble. There were many instances where the boxer entered a feud with another boxer, one such being Floyd Mayweather. However, once out of character Mayweather spoke with great respect about the youngest heavyweight champion saying that Mike paved the way for him.


“He’s a legendary champion” : When Floyd Mayweather praised Mike Tyson despite beef

Often times two great names in the same sport don’t gel well together. Evidently, the tension between Mayweather and Tyson was quite visible to fans. However, it did not stop Mayweather from acknowledging Tyson’s contribution to boxing and his career.

Mayweather said, “Well I commend Tyson cause he’s one of the guys that paved the way for me to be where I’m at. You know, he’s a legendary champion and the only thing I have to say about Mike Tyson is everyone is always tryna judge Mike Tyson. He lived his life the way he wanted to live his life. No one can say what they would have done if they were in his shoes. Boxing will live on, you know. It’s the Mayweather era. Not just myself but the Mayweather brand, you know I have my own style and what I made cool about boxing is not taking punishment.“


After praising Tyson Mayweather talks about how it was his era. This speaks in volumes about the mindset he had throughout his career. Furthermore, it also speaks about how Tyson and Mayweather had a feud ongoing despite Mayweather showing him respect.


Mayweather-Tyson feud

Mayweather and Tyson were almost friends when the pair began to know each other. Almost 2 decades ago, In 2001 as Mayweather and his brand started to grow, Tyson was edging close to his retirement. Thus, there was no direct feud between the two fighters during their career. However, once Mayweather played a role in a police raid at Tyson’ place which did not sit well with Tyson.

Tyson said, “Some serious people said it. I’m good with it now… You can forgive, but you have to remember.“

Furthermore, Tyson once even claimed that he is the greatest boxer ahead of Muhammad Ali. Tyson was a big admirer of Ali and this statement really erupted a rift between the pair.


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