Hulk Hogan’s Surprising Revelations on His Unfulfilled Dream to Battle Mike Tyson: I Have Been Trying to Get That Juvenile Delinquent in the Ring


In the realm of 80s and 90s pop culture, two figures stood tall as icons in their respective arenas, boxing legend Mike Tyson, and former WWE champion Hulk Hogan. Their larger-than-life personas and undeniable impact on popular culture have made them legends in their own right.

Tyson dominated the boxing world with his unparalleled power, speed, and intimidation. Known for his devastating knockouts and undisputed reign as the Heavyweight champion, he became a global phenomenon. Similarly, Hulk Hogan rose to superstardom in the world of professional wrestling, becoming the face of the WWE during its golden era.


Hulk Hogan’s confident challenge to Mike Tyson resurfaces

In the video, Hogan expressed his long-standing desire to face Mike Tyson in the ring. With his trademark confidence and bravado, Hogan proclaimed that he had been trying to get the “juvenile delinquent” Tyson in the ring for quite some time. He also expressed his desire to discipline the former Heavyweight champion, humorously mentioning getting him “over his knee” as the first step.

“I have been trying to get that juvenile delinquent in the ring with me for quite some time. I’d love to get my hands on Mike Tyson. He’s done a lot of crazy things. The first thing I’d do is discipline him. I’d like to get him over my knee first.” said Hogan


Hogan’s confidence in his chances against Tyson reflects his unwavering belief in his abilities as a wrestling icon. While the latter’s boxing skills and knockout power are undisputed, Hogan’s decades of experience in the wrestling world have shaped his unshakable confidence. However, despite the previous animosity, the two have gone on to develop a friendship and mutual respect. This was perfectly, portrayed when ‘Iron Mike’ was seen in ‘Hulkster’s’ arms in a resurfaced picture.

Enduring friendship: Hogan and Tyson share a heartwarming moment

In a heartwarming display of friendship, a resurfaced photo showcases wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and boxing icon Mike Tyson sharing a warm embrace. Despite their age difference, Hogan being 13 years older, the photo captures a moment of genuine affection between the two legends.

As the two legends continue to enjoy their retired lives, the speculation of a potential comeback for either adds a layer of intrigue. However, considering his age and health condition, a return to the ring remains uncertain.

Nevertheless, the photo serves as a nostalgic reminder of the camaraderie between these iconic athletes during their prime years. Moreover, fans can appreciate the mutual respect that transcends their professions, leaving an impression of their enduring connection.


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