The Ultimate Stage Showdown: Imagining Will Smith’s Intrusion during Mike Tyson’s Presentation, Unraveling the Aftermath


There have been many instances in the past when celebrities have been at the receiving end of their fan’s wrath. This is something that has been happening for a long time. Undoubtedly, such incidents are not a good light for the fans and the celebrities involved. But, A prominent American Host has opened up about the reason why this happens to only certain celebrities and not the rest. Stephen A Smith gave a different perspective on such incidents. He drew inspiration from many such recent incidents to make his point.

The sports host took to his Twitter to open up on the pressing issue, which is getting more and more common as the days pass. Smith talked about why only certain celebrities are made targets for the abuse at the hands of their fans. And further reeled famous personalities and revealed the reason why not these personalities are ever heard in the news for such incidents involving their fans.


Smith believes “some people need to get they’re a** kicked”

Smith uploaded a video on his Twitter in which he talked about how celebrities are becoming targets for their fans and he gave many such incidents as references to make his point in the video. The video begins with Smith talking about the recent incident where a fan threw an object at Harry Styles, hitting him in the head. He also gave some famous examples, such as Drake and Babe Rexha. Also, Smith made a surprising revelation about his career.


Smith said, “Some people need to get their a** kicked. There’s not enough a** kicking in this world today.” Further talking about the kind of celebrities these unfortunate events happen to, Smith added, “Don’t ya all notice when people have stuff happened to them it’s never somebody like The Rock, it’s never Goldberg, It’s never an Israel Adesanaya it’s always people that you know in all likelihood can’t whip your a**.”

The 55-year-old made it clear that fans don’t mess with someone who is in peak physical shape or a known combatant and only those who they know won’t retaliate for their actions.

Smith further talked about one of the most infamous moments in Hollywood when Will Smith walked up to the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars last year. Smith made it clear that that’s not something that would’ve happened if it would’ve been Mike Tyson instead of Chris Rock.

He said,” If Will Smith had gone on stage while Mike Tyson was doing a presentation and slapped him we’d be like damn he’s really upset.”


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