WWE Fans Disheartened as Roman Reigns’ Historic Feat Takes a Backseat to Brock Lesnar’s Birthday Celebration: An Unfortunate Oversight


Brock Lesnar turned 46 on July 12 and WWE took the opportunity to wish the icon. They stated several achievements of the superstar while paying tribute to him on social media. Fans of Roman Reigns, however, weren’t happy with one particular aspect.

While the promotion didn’t belittle the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, his admirers accused the Stamford-based company of bias. They also pointed it out on Twitter. Several reactions were recorded beneath WWE’s post on the micro-blogging site. But before we delve into the reactions, let’s find out how WWE celebrated ‘The Beast Incarnate’s’ birthday.


WWE highlights major Brock Lesnar win that shocked the fans nearly a decade ago

Lesnar made his debut on the main roster on March 18, 2002. He received a mega push upfront and was involved in a feud with The Rock just months after his debut. This culminated in the historic SummerSlam match that year, where Lesnar won the WWE Championship. He became the youngest ever to clinch the gold, a record which still stands today.


Over the years, Brock Lesnar has exited and reentered the WWE several times, coming back stronger every time. The 46-year-old is a 10-time World Champion in the company, having won the Universal Championship three times and the WWE Championship seven times.


His resume also includes a win against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. But how does that make it any more special than any of his other accomplishments? Well, Lesnar was the first wrestler to go over The Phenom at ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’. Before that match in 2014, Taker’s score read an impressive 21-0.

The company highlighted that achievement and wrote: “The 1 in 21-1”.

This didn’t sit well with Roman Reigns fans. But why? Let’s find out why they chose to turn on the promotion and felt betrayed.


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