Mike Tyson Once Put Fear In Opponent’S Coach After Punching Through Walls Moments Before Fight: He’S Getting Ready To Fight Little Guy!

Boxing legend and arguably one of the scariest fighters

Mike Tyson holds the record for becoming the youngest heavyweight champion. Tyson had opponents shaking in fear inside the ring which is why a few had to resort to mind games. However, that did not work on Tyson as he warded off any attempts by simply being himself.

Mike Tyson fought former heavyweight champion Michael Spinks to unify all belts and become the world heavyweight champion. Although Spinks was a formidable opponent, he feared Tyson and his freakish abilities. Michael’s manager Butch Lewis decided to rattle Tyson by playing some mind games and possibly weaken him to some degree. He insisted that Tyson’s hands need to be re-wrapped and delayed the fight. However, this decision by Lewis only agitated Tyson who was notorious for his bad temper.


Lewis later walked into Tyson’s dressing room and immediately regretted his decision after witnessing Tyson punching holes in the wall. ” He’s punching holes in the wall. I’m like to myself, ‘ This guy getting ready to fight my guy, my little guy and he’s punching holes in the wall before he goes out to fight. Oh no,” said Lewis as he foresaw Michael Spinks’ imminent defeat.

Tyson later went on to defeat Spinks within 91 seconds and became the world heavyweight champion. Iron Mike earned around $22 million for the fight which grossed over $70 million.

Mike Tyson admits he was always petrified inside the ring

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is considered one of the most ferocious fighters in the history of boxing. Iron Mike struck fear in the heart of his opponents with his demeanor and his explosive strikes inside the ring. Despite having received the title of the baddest man on the planet, Tyson admitted that he was petrified to enter the ring every time.


During his interview with British journalist Piers Morgan on his podcast, Tyson admitted that he was a scared boy underneath all the bravado. ” Sometimes my whole life I thought I was a stick, the God of the savages,f**k everyone, i’m a monster watch me reign and all that stuff. I just found out I was a little scary boy. I’m not no tough guy,” said Mike Tyson. Morgan later confronted Tyson about his feelings when he entered the ring to fight.

“ Petrified. I was just a disciplined fighter, I was always petrified. You have to have fear, I can’t imagine participating in any combat sport without it,” added Iron Mike. Even though Tyson admitted that he was scared during his fights, his performances inside the ring scared everyone else. Tyson is the youngest boxer to have won the heavyweight title and the baddest man on the planet in every sense.



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