Mike Tyson Opens Up About Past “Mistakes” in Front of Daughter Milan at 2023 ESPY Awards: I Didn’t Have a Dad Either


Iron Mike, a doting dad? The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ reveals a surprising side. At the glitzy 2023 ESPY Awards, Mike Tyson graced the red carpet. His companion? Milan, his young daughter, looks up to him with pride. Amidst the camera flashes, something unexpected happened.

Tyson, the once-fearsome boxer, talked about fatherhood. His striking words, “I didn’t have a dad either,” raised eyebrows. A curious mix of wonder and intrigue stirs. How does a man with no father figure become one? It’s a stark contrast to Tyson’s public image. What shaped Tyson, the dedicated father? What lies beneath the surface of this formidable athlete?


Red carpet revelations: Mike Tyson and daughter Milan’s unscripted moment at ESPY awards

As the interview with Access Hollywood commenced, the renowned boxer, Mike Tyson, and his daughter Milan were in high spirits. Terrell, the interviewer, initiated the conversation, extending a friendly greeting, “I’m Terrell, nice to meet you.” Milan reciprocated, “I’m Milan Tyson,” she responded, her voice echoing her father’s pride.

Moving forward, Terrell addressed the palpable excitement that surrounded Mike Tyson’s presence. “Tyson, pleasure to meet you. You’re here with pops today. Did he give you any kind of prep on how to walk on the red carpet?” he inquired. Milan’s response was swift and genuine, “No, no, no we just go,” she declared, highlighting the casual, relaxed nature of their father-daughter relationship.


Terrell, now intrigued by their dynamic, asked Milan about the crowd’s reactions, “Are you seeing that everybody is tripping out when they see Mike. Are you seeing reactions?” “Everyone loves him,” Milan responded confidently, painting a picture of the immense admiration people hold for her father.



From ring to home: Tyson’s transformation into a doting dad

The conversation then took an unexpectedly heartfelt turn. Terrell asked Milan, “What is it like having Mike as pops?” To this, Milan gave a heartwarming account, “He’s calm, he’s a really good dad. He just takes us to the movies, he does things he just does normal things.”

Tyson, however, had the most profound insight to offer. Reflecting on his journey as a father, he said, “I didn’t have a dad either but by making a lot of mistakes you learn how to become a dad.” His candid admission offered a peek into the man behind the boxing legend, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of his experiences and personal growth.

Transitioning from his ferocious reputation in the ring to the tranquil character in his personal life, Mike Tyson exemplifies how one’s past doesn’t have to dictate the future. Instead, it can serve as a stepping stone to personal growth, learning, and ultimately, becoming a better person.


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