“Not $8 Million” – Jake Paul Reveals Francis Ngannou’s Real Purse & Its Way More Than What You Think He’s Getting Paid for the Tyson Fury Boxing Fight


Francis Ngannou‘s move to the PFL was criticized by a lot of people, including UFC commentator Daniel Cormier. However, the news of his $8 million purse led to Cormier apologizing to ‘The Predator’ over a video. Obviously, a more lucrative option for Ngannou, PFL’s contract with him has benefitted the former UFC HW champ in more ways than one.

Firstly, the purse is far higher than any of his UFC fights. Secondly, the contract contains a clause that requires Ngannou’s opponents to be paid at least $2 million per fight. Additionally, it allowed him the freedom to pursue his interests in boxing, and it seems like he has made the most of it.


One more zero added – Francis Ngannou’s remuneration is bigger than reported

Until now, people were under the impression that the former UFC Heavyweight champion was getting paid a sum of $8 million for his fight against Tyson Fury. This news drew polarizing responses from the MMA community, as he would have made a similar figure if he had stayed in the UFC. However, as fellow PFL signee and Nate Diaz‘s upcoming opponent Jake Paul revealed, Francis Ngannou’s takeaway is actually much more.

In a recent Tweet, Jake Paul said, “Francis got 8 figures. Not $8 million. Get it right.“

Ngannou had already etched his status as the highest-paid heavyweight in MMA after news of his $8 million fight purse came to light. With his increment to 8 figures, he has left the entire world of heavyweights in his dust.


This will be Ngannou’s first professional fight after he walked out of the UFC. In comparison to the $600,000 that Ngannou made when he beat Ciryl Gane, the 8-figure purse for the Fury fight seems like a massive upgrade and reflects well on Ngannou’s business acumen. The French-Cameroonian made sure to highlight this as he took a sly dig at Dana White.



Francis Ngannou fires shots at Dana White after bagging Tyson Fury fight

Ngannou’s reason for walking out of the UFC was primarily because of an unfavorable contract. The Predator felt that he deserved higher pay since, at a point, he was the major draw for the UFC heavyweight main events. Additionally, the MMA promotion wouldn’t have allowed Ngannou to pursue his interest in boxing leaving both parties with no choice. Further, the UFC even tried to book Fury against their own heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Hence, Ngannou could not resist a victory lap.

Now that Ngannou has bagged his multi-million dollar purse for his fight against The Predator, he has taken a jibe at the UFC President.

“For some reason, I always prove Dana White wrong. They were ready to do Jon Jones and Tyson Fury in MMA. I think [he] did that to try to take the fight away from me, and Dana did sent out a contract [for the Jones fight]. He sent out the contract, which I think was very embarrassing because that contract was rejected, and he signed mine for the GIMIK Fight Promotions,” said Ngannou.


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