From Broke to Baller: Mike Tyson’s Bold Bid for a $3.5 Billion NBA Club and a 10-Day Contract


At 56 years old, Mike Tyson is still in amazing shape. Believe it or not, he was playing basketball just last year in 2022! We all know him as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever, with 50 wins and 44 knockouts. But here’s the interesting part: Tyson thinks he could have been a basketball star too. He even posted a video of himself shooting hoops and jokingly asked for a special NBA contract. Furthermore, he was not asking for contract from any ordinary team, he was asking a contract from a $3,500,000,000 worth NBA club.

What’s more, did you know that Mike Tyson was buddies with none other than NBA superstar Michael Jordan? They had their fair share of ups and downs though, and there was even a time when Tyson tried to pick a fight with Jordan. It’s crazy to think about these two legends crossing paths. But it goes to show how deep Tyson’s love for basketball runs, and the kind of relationships he formed with big names in the sport.


Mike Tyson in NBA?

Mike Tyson’s passion for basketball has always been clear, particularly during his prime physical years when he was frequently playing in the basketball court. And if you assume that his enthusiasm for the sport has waned over time, you would be mistaken. Recently, Tyson provided a clear demonstration of his enduring love for basketball through a captivating Instagram post that caught the attention of many.


Tyson wrote, “@brooklynnets I’m ready for my 10 day contract.”

In this post, Tyson was captured on camera, delightfully puffing on his joint while effortlessly shooting basketballs into the hoop. The intriguing image was accompanied by an equally intriguing caption, in which he humorously declares that he is ready for a contract with $3,500,000,000 worth Brooklyn Nets. This lighthearted remark showcased Tyson’s playful personality and unwavering dedication to the game, reminding everyone that his love for basketball remains as strong as ever.


Tyson wants NBA athletes to use his product

As a successful businessman, Mike Tyson has ventured into the marijuana industry, being the proud owner of Tyson 2.0. With the evolving NBA rules, players are no longer subject to marijuana testing, opening up new possibilities for athletes like Tyson to promote their products.

Tyson said, “Well listen, I would prefer them to use my product cause my product is the best product in the world.”


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