Evander Holyfield Uncovers the Fighter Who Sends Chills Down His Spine, Beyond Mike Tyson!


Evander Holyfield is convinced that he has encountered a fighter even more menacing than Mike Tyson.

Holyfield engaged in two notable bouts with Tyson in the 1990s, during one of which he infamously lost a portion of his ear.

In those days, Tyson had already passed his prime, and while Holyfield emerged victorious in both fights, he remains acutely aware of the immense danger posed by the renowned boxer.



Consequently, his latest assertion regarding a boxer “more dangerous” than Tyson demands serious consideration.

In an interview with FightHype, Holyfield discussed the Baltimore sensation Gervonta Davis, widely recognized as “Tank.”

Davis competes in a considerably lower weight class than Tyson did, yet he boasts an impressive record of 27 knockouts in 29 fights, triumphing in each and every one of his matches.



Holyfield makes a daring assertion

As a result, Holyfield has labelled Davis as “more perilous” than the fighter who inflicted the infamous ear incident over two decades ago.


“He [Davis] is a very good fighter. He’s a very skilled fighter, he kind of reminds me of Pernell Whittaker,” Holyfield said, via Marca.
“Pernell Whittaker was a skilful boxer. ‘Tank’ is a skilful boxer, and a hard puncher – he’s got both of ’em! That would make him even more dangerous than Tyson.


Gervonta Davis floors Ryan Garcia

Meanwhile, Gervonta “Tank” Davis finally settled his beef with Ryan Garcia in an action-packed fight in Las Vegas, Sports Brief had previously reported.

Without the controversies, Davis is deserving of all his hype in boxing. With a 27-KO tally, the undefeated (29-0) boxer holds a unique brute force over the rest.


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