Muhammad Ali: What Really Drives Shaquille O’Neal? The 4 Things That Outshine a $600 Million Empire

The 4 most important things in the life of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal recently made a podcast appearance where talked about his basketball career, and life in general. After achieving a massive net worth of around $600 million there is not much left for Big Diesel to do. He opened up on MoTalk, Grammy winner Monica’s new podcast. There, he talked about what matters to him the most in the current phase of his rather interesting life.

Talking about the things that matter most, Shaq explained, “I’m going to do me, right. Make people smile, analyze basketball, talk smack about some of the players and see how they respond, take care of my family.”

He made it clear that he wants to respect and take care of the family and people around him. Notably, the Hall-of-Famer also admitted that he cannot let go of his habit of talking smack. Not that anybody is complaining.



Shaq owns the rights to Muhammad Ali’s Image

Muhammad Ali was one of the biggest names in the world of boxing. Despite passing away in 2016, his legacy lives on.

He was often known for his fight, not just inside the boxing ring, but also against discrimination in the country. Shaquille O’Neal revealed he bought the image and name rights of many celebrities, including the great Muhammad Ali.

Shaq declared, “Who owns Marilyn Monroe? Who owns Elvis Presley? Me!”


This seems like another great investment in Shaq’s already-loaded portfolio. From car washes to chicken stores, and now, even to image rights. $600 million hardly seems like the ceiling for Diesel‘s growing empire.

Where do you think Shaq’s net worth will reach a decade from now?


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