From Boxing Rings to Magical Realms: Muhammad Ali’s Family Conquers Universal Studios


Muhammad Ali did not just leave a stellar legacy in boxing behind, but he left a family that went on to become a common name in global boxing circles. The legend’s family today remains relevant thanks to his daughter Laila Ali who found success in the sport like her father. Recently, even his grandson made headlines for having a groundbreaking debut in MMA. That’s the family Ali left behind. They have pulled closer to each other and kept their ties intimate as ever.

Ali’s other daughter Rasheeda Ali recently gave a glimpse into how the entire family enjoys their time together. ‘The Greatest’ Ali has left behind seven daughters and two sons. In his life, he married six women and also had two children out of wedlock. All his children have branched out into various career streams but have regularly reminded the world of their father, who once ruled the boxing ring. It is through social media that they have managed to tell the world the stories of their life, post their father’s death.


On a vacation to the studios, the family of Muhammad Ali shows the world their bond

Rasheeda Ali is Muhammad Ali’s daughter born with another twin sister, Jamillah. She has not ventured into the sport of boxing but h as remained relevant as she posts snippets of her family on social media. However, her son Nico has taken to follow his grandpa’s footsteps to become a combat fighter. Recently, the family took a trip to a theme park in Hollywood.


In a post made by Rasheeda on her Instagram, she was seen enjoying a family trip to Universal Studios Theme Park. She was joined by her sisters, Khalilah Ali, and Jamillah, and their children. In a carousel post, the daughter further wrote, “Family fun at Universal Studios! 🎢 We had a blast exploring magical worlds together, laughing on thrilling rides, and creating unforgettable memories. From Hogwarts to Jurassic Park, there’s something for everyone.”



Carrying the Legacy forward, Ali’s grandson makes headlines

The grandson of Muhammed Ali, Biaggio Ali Walsh is taking his grandpa’s legacy ahead. He however will not be boxing but will be an MMA fighter. The 24-year-old leads a double life as he works as a security guard in nightclubs, he also signed a deal with PFL. He has embraced the pressure that is on him to excel in the combat world, given his surname. Speaking on the same, he said, “My mum always told us that we were going to have to work a little bit harder if we were to be successful in sports, just because of the name.”

Still in his amateur years, he has fought two bouts with PFL. He debuted in the year 2020, and all his four wins have come by first-round knockouts. He fights in the Lightweight division and at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.


Building on the life of Muhammad Ali, his children have constantly either undertaken sports or contributed to society in multiple ways.

His children have written books, worked with NGOs, and taken part in philanthropic work just as Ali did. Now, as his grandchildren take the scepters in their hands, it looks promising that the family name will go on to live.


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