From YouTube to Fitness Icon: How a YouTuber’s Endurance Test Embraced Tyson’s 1000 Push-Ups?


Although a heavyweight, Mike Tyson was only 5′ 10″ in the ring. Most of his contemporaries were much taller than him, including Michael Spinks, Tony Tubbs, and Tyrell Biggs [figures that Tyson absolutely obliterated during the fights]. His quickness, accuracy, and strength made up for his reach.

And to maintain the mentioned components, ‘Iron’ followed a strict routine throughout his career in boxing. Recently, Justin from That’s Good Money attempted the “1000 Mike Tyson Push-Ups Challenge” which got fans cheering for him.


YouTuber daring to try out insane Mike Tyson routine impresses fans

In order to strengthen his elbows and arms, Mike Tyson would adhere to a peculiar type of push-ups. Of course, the knockouts achieved in seconds were the results of consistent struggle at practice. Justin dared to complete 100 Mike Tyson push-ups on the street. It is fair to say that you would likely run out of breath just seeing him work out through the screens. As per the video, it took him some two hours to complete the challenge and here is what the fans are saying.


According to one, “Mike Tyson, who maintained abstinence for a year, did these to have 1 up [uppercut] in his competition”. “This is not an easy walk in the park you gotta have strength mentally and physically“, they added saying.


However, one did not hesitate to spill the truth. “These are mad enjoyable [but] to do not easy“.

On the other hand, a kind person said, “Keep it up, fellas. Peace to the Gods and Goddesses“.

However, one motivated said, “Gonna try this real soon“.

Meanwhile, one encouraged Justin: “Way to finish Justin

Likewise, one said, “This is really wonderful, and I will immediately do this today after work“.


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