Suffering From Crippling Illness, 57-Year-Old Mike Tyson’s Health Becomes a Concern for Fans After Boxing Legend’s Recent Post Goes Viral


Mike Tyson likes to live life on his own terms. The former Heavyweight champion has a reputation for doing things in his own manner. He sets his own boundaries for the way he lives his life. Tyson has a love for cannabis; apart from being an avid consumer, he now runs a business that deals in cannabis products. It should be noted that Tyson has a nerve condition that affects his body functioning. And a recent post from the 57-year-old has raised concern among his fans, who are urging him to stop smoking.

Tyson took to his social media to share a picture while smoking. His fans were not hesitant to share their true opinions regarding Tyson’s love for cannabis.

“Lay off the drugs Uncle Mike”: Fans come together urging Mike Tyson to stop smoking


The 57-year-old took to his Instagram to share a picture of him while smoking cannabis. Although the former champion looks cool in the picture, his fans are not awed by that. In the picture, Tyson can be seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt, as he enjoys smoking.


Tyson suffers from a nerve condition called sciatica, which leads to immense pain in the lower back and legs. The condition got so worse for Tyson that he had to use a wheelchair and stick in order to walk. However, the 57-year-old has been open about his struggles with his nerve condition. He had admitted that when his condition flares up, he finds it difficult to talk. Many fans are concerned about the champ’s health. They shared the same with him.@Yusufkayax424 doesn’t want the champ to smoke as it is haram in Islam. They wrote, “Uncle Mike, please font smoke cuz haram.”


@eddymaffjj believes that one doesn’t have to be smart to know that smoking is haram. They commented, “Hate to be a smartass, sir, but some scholars say smoking is haram.”

@vlad.pthi doesn’t want the 57-year-old to smoke any more. They wrote, “Uncle Tyson can you please stop smoking?”

@7b_q9 commented, “Mike don’t smoke”


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