Fans Astounded by Mike Tyson’s Mental Fortitude in Recently Revealed Clip: What Sets Him Apart?


Professional boxers like Mike Tyson are once-in-a-lifetime fighters. The former heavyweight champion was a force not many wanted to mess with during their professional career. However, most of what a professional boxer is inside a boxing ring results from strenuous training and a warrior’s mindset. And ‘Iron Mike’ has been open about his mindset when he is training for a fight. Tyson’s performance inside the squared circle was not just a result of his strict training regimen. Most importantly, it was a testament to his mental preparedness.

This clip provides an insight into Tyson’s thinking and what made him the menace he was during the peak of his career.

“He wanted to be feared and adored”: Fans awe-struck by Mike Tyson’s outlook toward fighting


A user named @fightcentre uploaded a clip of Mike Tyson’s most famous interviews responding to people’s perceptions of him. And he explained how he is least affected by remarks made by them.

Tyson said, “It doesn’t faze me what anyone says about me. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about me. I’m a totally different entity than what people think.”
To mark the difference between the guy he is inside and outside the ring, he added, “Michael and Tyson are two different people. I’m Tyson here. To my children and my wife, I’m Mike and Daddy.”


He described who ‘Tyson’ is and talked about what makes that persona a threat. He said, “Tyson’s nothing. Tyson is just a freak, Tyson is somebody that generates a ton of money. No one knows me.”


Tyson ended the conversation by saying, “No one has any kind of consideration for my feeling, my pain, anything I’ve ever been through my life.”

The remarks from the former champion have evoked a varied response from fans.


@djenry01 believes that Tyson wanted to be feared and loved at the same time. He wrote, “sounds he wanted to be feared and needed to be adored at the same time.”

@ashpalt_junkie_619 commented, “He just baddass AF.”

@flamez_106 thinks that Mike Tyson echoes his trainer’s remarks. He wrote, “Man his philosophy I just se cus pouring out of him.”

@i_am_skeleton commented,”I believe it. I think this man has a whole another side to him that makes the devil weak…this man broke mental barriers, physical barriers.”

@classclassics is a big fan of Mike Tyson and loves the former champion. He commented, “Love this man – good bad ugly, he is real – his star will always shine bright long after he’s gone.”


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