I KO’D A Man 30Kg Heavier Than Me In Sparring And My Style Has Been Compared To Mike Tyson


Otherwise known as Seth Gyimah, MacBones will have his second professional fight on the undercard of Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang on Saturday night.

But, he may have never got to this point had it not been for a sparring video of his going viral.

MacBones, who weighed around 85kg at the time, decided to take on a 115kg heavyweight and he landed a thunderous combination to leave his opponent knocked out cold.

“He punched my face and he tried to bully me,” MacBones told talkSPORT. “If you see how big he is compared to me, it was a big difference.

“He was a heavyweight and I’m a light heavyweight, I was 85kg, he was 115kg, but I don’t back off, I always keep going for it and Freezy came out and then that happened.”

MacBones continued: “I have two people in me, I’m very kind and I’m very dangerous at the same time in terms of boxing.


“If someone tries to hit me it switches me on and it brings Freezy out, but when I’m not in the ring, I’m Seth and everyone chills with me and laughs.

“In that sparring he went out cold and he was sleeping, so I was like ‘Oh s***’ and I tried to take my gloves off to help him but they were too tight.”

The sparring clip went viral and it was even re-posted by rapper 50 Cent and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr, which led to MacBones gaining a huge social media following.

“I was shocked because it happened a lot in my gym where I put people to sleep, so it was nothing new, but when this happens in the gym we don’t bring it out so no one knows what happens.

“But, for this one, people were there and they pulled their phones out and all of sudden a week later 50 Cent posted the video and he asked ‘who is this guy?’ and everyone was tagging me.

“At this time my social media had 7k and boom it went up to 25k and now I have over 100k followers.”


Off the back of this video, MacBones also began being labelled as the ‘British Mike Tyson’, which he takes as a huge compliment.

“It’s huge,” MacBones said. “It’s like someone comparing a Christian to Jesus, it’s a big thing because Mike is the GOAT in the game.


“His skills and style were different and up to today we haven’t seen anything like that, so for people to say I fight like Tyson, it means a lot because he is a guy I look up to.

“People say I’m the British Mike Tyson and it makes me work harder. Obviously, I’m not Mike and I can’t be like him, he’s the only one, nobody can be like him, but we always learn from each other.”

Tyson was not the only fighter who lured MacBones to start boxing, but he was also inspired after watching the Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015.

“That was the first time I paid more attention to boxing. I was a big fan of Mike Tyson back home and he was the only boxer I knew, so when I saw Mayweather and Pacquiao and the way Mayweather was running around the ring, I thought ‘I can do this job’ I used to call him chicken and laugh,” MacBones revealed.

At 33 years old, and with only 18 amateur fights and one professional bout to his name, MacBones has come to the sport very late, but he still has lofty ambitions.


“One thing about Freezy is I don’t look at what others are doing, I only look at what I am doing and where I am going and I want the best for myself, so I always keep working,” MacBones explained.

“I know I started late, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it or it’s not possible and I’m going to make it possible. It’s late but it’s how you end up and I want to be a world champion one day.”

The first step on that journey will come on Saturday night when MacBones takes on veteran journeyman, Darryl Sharp, at the Copper Box Arena.

In terms of a prediction for fight night, MacBones kept it short and sweet, as he said: “If he touch my face he’s going down.”


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