Video: Mike Tyson Danced With Excitement When He Got Gervonta Davis And Ryan Garcia To Agree Fight

Mike Tyson was dancing with joy when he managed to get Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia to agree to fight one another.
After climbing off the canvas to beat Luke Campbell at the start of 2021, Garcia made an appearance on Tyson’s Hotboxin’ Podcast and called out Tank.
Halfway through the conversation, Davis joined via Facetime and a confrontation ensued with Tyson delighted to play his role as instigator.
Tyson told Davis: “Tank, this n***a’s talking mad s*** over here, listen to this n***a.”
He then pointed the video call towards Garcia who exchanged words with his rival.
Much of what Davis said was impossible to make out as Garcia shouted: “Two rounds, baby. Two rounds and you’re going to sleep. I promise you it’s not gonna hurt.
“You’re gonna need a ladder to hit me. How tall are you? You’re 5ft 5ins, you’re gonna need a ladder to hit me. Boy, you won’t be able to touch me.
“Boy I don’t care, you’re too ugly to be champ – and that’s from Muhammad Ali. Boy I’m pretty. You ain’t never seen nothing like me, I promise you. Two rounds.”
Tyson then spoke to Davis again himself.
Tank could be heard saying about Garcia’s fight with Campbell: “Mike, he got dropped by somebody that can’t even hit.
“Mike, if I would’ve hit him, you know I would’ve killed him after that.”
Tyson then asked him: “Can your next fight be with this n***a? Can you fight this n***a? He’s talking mad s***.”
Davis replied: “We’re fighting next, we’re fighting next.”
Garcia heard this and roared: “Let’s go, let’s go. He said it, he said it.

“The world knows, he said it, next fight, there’s no going back now. You better commit to it, sign it.”
Garcia then began to dance and said: “Hey look at me, I’m dancing, I’m happy.”
At this point Tyson stood up and joined in with the festivities, dancing with excitement alongside Garcia.
Sadly the fight did not materialise back then, though the two fighters’ intention to meet was clear.
Now, two years on, they will finally face off on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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