Mike Tyson Breaks the Internet: The Jaw-Dropping Fashion Statement Everyone is Talking About


Mike Tyson is not just a boxing legend who once ruled the ring. He is a phenomenal entertainer, a very successful entrepreneur, and a budding fashion icon if we go by one of his recent appearances.

While the boxer is synonymous with printed shirts that never fail to make a statement, he recently took things to the next level with a bold outfit.

It is his new bubblegum core outfit that has fans talking. This is what makes him so special, right? He still has the ability to surprise fans.


Is Mike Tyson a fashion icon in the making?

A post made on Tyson’s Instagram features the boxing legend in a yellow printed shirt, layered with a very mute and pastel pink overcoat with elaborate collars. But the element that steals the show is his pink hat. With a smile on his face and a dapper white beard, Mike seems ready to grace the red carpet. But what is he choosing – Barbie or Oppenheimer?

Mike captioned the post, “I dare you to try to rock this without getting your ass kicked”. While most were of the opinion that he rocked the outfit, others were happy that he was doing what he wanted.


For instance, Gino & Jennifer think that the boxer is in his era of wearing whatever he pleases and would not care if people like it or not. The user commented, “i wear whatever the f* i want “Tyson”


Another user thought he was hopping on the Barbie trend. Louis Orellana commented, “Barbie movie fit.” Little did Louis know that Mike had chosen Oppenheimer over Barbie.


Nick Davis believed the outfits closely resembled the character of Willy Wonka. The user commented, ” I’m Whilly Wonka welcome to my chocolate factory”

Antonio Capulera was among those who were impressed. They hoped they had an outfit like Tyson’s to make the neighbors jealous. Capulera commented, “I need that outfit when I walk around my block in Florida! My neighbors would be so jealous! I love it! ”

NayL was not impressed and jokingly took a shot at Mike’s stylist, commenting, “Which one of you stylist did this to Mike? I gotta knuckle sandwich I’d like to offer you.. j/k”

Well, we can hope to see Tyson taking the lead as a fashion icon if he continues this experimental approach. This is exactly what makes him so accessible and a fan favorite.


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