Traumatized Cus D’Amato Went Paranoid After Mike Tyson’S Conversation With Another Boxing Coach – Do You Like Him? Is He Handsome?


Mike Tyson‘s rise to boxing stardom was not just a result of his natural talent. He owes a great deal to the legendary trainer, Cus D’Amato. Known for nurturing the careers of boxing icons like Rocky Graziano and Jose Torres, D’Amato played a pivotal role in shaping Tyson’s destiny.

During an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Mike Tyson reminisced about a unique incident. It showcased D’Amato’s paranoid and protective instincts. After one of his fights, a stranger approached Tyson with warm compliments. ‘‘Great fight last night. You looked good,” said the stranger. Innocently accepting the praise, Tyson thanked the stranger. Mike’s encounter triggered a surprising reaction from D’Amato, who immediately sought clarification about the stranger’s intentions.


Intrigued, D’Amato asked Tyson, “You know him?“. Mike replied, “No, it was just a nice guy.” Unconvinced, D’Amato probed further, demanding an explanation of what Tyson meant by ‘nice guy.’ “What do you mean nice guy?” he asked. “Like you like him? He’s handsome or cute…Explain nice guy to me,” Cus demanded. He then went over to the stranger and yelled, “Hey, don’t ever talk to my fighter again. Do you hear what I am saying?…Don’t ever talk to my fighter again“.

Upon reflecting on the moment, Tyson understood his mentor’s paranoia. Before coaching boxing legends, D’Amato had experienced heartbreak, seeing his promising fighters lured away by others. This painful past left a deep impression on him, fueling his protective instincts over the fighters he cared for.

How Cus D’amato changed a young Mike Tyson’s life forever

Tyson’s path to greatness was l aden with obstacles, especially during his early teens. He was residing in a detention center and committed petty thefts with friends. A former boxer named Bobby Stewart recognized Tyson’s untapped potential and introduced the young and troubled Tyson to Cus D’Amato. This forever altered the course of Mike Tyson’s life.



Taking Tyson under his wing, D’Amato not only trained him but also embraced the role of his legal guardian. D’amato had young Mike Tyson in his own home, training him to greatness. D’Amato’s unwavering dedication and uncompromising pursuit of excellence played a pivotal role in molding Mike Tyson into a ferocious boxer. Tyson was admired and feared by everybody, even the best of fighters. Sadly, the inspiring journey of Tyson under the guidance of Cus D’Amato was cut short. The legendary trainer passed away in 1985, just at the beginning of Mike Tyson’s legendary conquest of the world of boxing. However, the impact of the legendary coach on Tyson’s life and career continued to reverberate in the boxing world.

The story of Mike Tyson’s association with Cus D’Amato is a testament to the unyielding bond shared between a coach and his protégé. D’Amato’s protective paranoia, born out of past heartaches, served as a driving force behind his commitment to safeguarding his fighters. The enduring legacy of Cus D’Amato lives on in the relentless determination and greatness of Tyson, a living embodiment of the coach’s wisdom and guidance.


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