Former President Donald Trump Claims Knowing Muhammad Ali Well; He Breaks Down The Fighting Style


Donald Trump is one of the few former presidents of the USA who has shown a particular interest in combat sports. In the past, Trump promoted various fights of the legendary Mike Tyson. A recent interview with the UFC has revealed his admiration for legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Donald Trump praised and admired boxing icon Muhammad Ali on multiple occasions. The wealthy businessman was involved in boxing for decades and had a lot of knowledge of the ins and outs of the brutal sport. Trump and Ali remained in touch due to various charity events attended by famous personalities to create awareness and funds. However, they became estranged in the later years due to the deteriorating health of Ali.


Despite Donald Trump’s political inaccuracies, his expertise and awareness of combat sports remain impressive. In a recent interview with the UFC, Trump discussed various topics in the industry and touched on Muhammad Ali’s greatness. Trump explained his love for Muhammad Ali and discussed Ali’s most significant fights against Joe Frazier and George Foreman. Trump said, “He was a genius” and broke down the style of Ali.

Donald Trump explained the “magic” style showcased by Muhammad Ali during his fights. The rope-a-dope and the fancy footwork remain iconic even today. Other boxers like Larry Holmes tried to replicate it but failed to repeat the same level of success and dominance that Ali had.

Jorge Masvidal baffled at meeting Donald Trump

Former US president Donald Trump has recently discussed several topics about combat sports with the UFC. One of the most appealing statements made by Trump was his favoritism for Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal. This was rather unfortunate since the two fighters despise each other. This hatred further led to an assault case in which Masvidal has an ongoing court case as a result of it.


The former BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal has finally responded to such a predicament put forth by Trump. Masvidal said, “It is baffling to me, bro, I’m just some kid who can fight, and I’m talking to the president. Trump is the greatest president. He is not like other politicians. He did what he said.”

Such loyalty by Masvidal is surprising, considering that there have been no reports of a strong relationship between the two on a personal level. Mutual respect for their work seems enough to earn such respect and loyalty. During the interview with the UFC, Trump also mentioned the impact Masvidal brought on him after receiving support from the Hispanic community.


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