Mike Tyson Seems To Finally Have Found The Boxer Who Reminds Him Of Himself The Most

Mike Tyson is unlike any boxing fan had ever seen before

He emerged in the early ‘1980s as the new phenom in the heavyweight division. What made Mike Tyson special was the evident killer instinct not only in his looks but also in his boxing style. Every single time an opponent dared to get inside the ring with him, it was evident they were having an uncomfortable moment.

Because Mike Tyson moved forward to hit them like his life depended on it and always looking menacing as hell. We are decades past his retirement and there still hasn’t appeared another heavyweight quite like him in recent boxing history.


However, other divisions is where that fighter could be and ‘Iron’ Mike himself has some clues to who that fighter might be. We are talking about lightweight Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, there’s a reason he received that nickname. Every time he charges his opponents, the Mexican boxer does have a demeanor of that dog race.

Pibulls are mistakenly deemed aggressive but t hey are only that way when they have terrible owners. Isaac Cruz got that fame because of how aggressive he is, to the point where Mike Tyson himself already sees the resemblance. Take a look at some of his highlights and tell us if you see the same similarities Mike Tyson saw.

Mike Tyson sees himself in Isaac Cruz

Cruz is set to face Giovani Cabrera in a lightweight fight next Saturday. Tyson said this about the Mexican boxer on RingTV: “I don’t know if anyone is close to me today. If I had to say someone is closest to me, I would say Isaac Cruz. He’s short and stubby for his weight class, like I was, and he comes at you. People might think I would say Tank, but Tank reminds me a whole lot of Aaron ‘The Hawk’ Pryor.


I mean that as a big compliment. You would think Tank is a brawler, but he really is a boxer-puncher. He moves well. He moves his head well. He can beat you all kinds of ways. He can knock you out. Or he can box you.

Cruz reminds me the most of who I was. He comes at you with bad intentions. And he keeps coming at you. He gave Tank his toughest fight.”


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