You Won’t Believe Your Eyes: Mike Tyson’s Explosive New Talent with a Smoking Gun


Boxing icon Mike Tyson has long been associated with his love for marijuana, embracing its therapeutic properties and exploring its burgeoning business opportunities as it becomes legal. However, Tyson stirred a frenzy among fans when he revealed that he once smoked a jaw-dropping $40,000 worth of pot each month.

Tyson’s softer side has been on display in his open advocacy for the medicinal properties of cannabis. With legalization spreading, Tyson has embraced the opportunities within the marijuana industry. However, just when it seemed like ‘Iron Mike’ had pushed the boundaries of cannabis consumption, he took things to an even more audacious level.


Mike Tyson causes a fan frenzy with his unconventional smoking gun experiment

The former champion recently uploaded a video where he uses a smoke gun to ingest marijuana. The smoke gun, typically used for flavoring food and beverages, releases a plume of aromatic smoke. However, Tyson creatively decided to use it for smoking weed. This innovative approach grabbed headlines and ignited a wave of curiosity and concern among fans and the general public.

The video exploded with a mix of admiration, astonishment, and sheer joy as it spread like wildfire. In addition, the smoking gun’s newfound popularity and association with the iconic athlete have spurred inquiries from fans worldwide, eager to replicate Tyson’s unique experience.

A user named Chuckii Booker compared him to martial arts icon Chuck Norris also pointing out the similarities between them. “Mike is the new Chuck Norris of this era. He can do whatever he wants, and you will like it.” he wrote


Another fan playfully suggested that Tyson might smoke out his whole mansion. ” Mike finna smoke his mansion out.” he wrote.


Moreover, a user named Typan Rash wanted to know where he could get this smoking gun. “Uncle Mike, how can I buy one ?” he wrote.

However, a user thought this machine was used to kill mosquitoes. “I thought it was a machine used for mosquitoes,” he wrote

Furthermore, a user named Amar Shahid claimed that Tyson is the only person in the world to do whatever he wanted. “Only Mike Tyson can do whatever the f*ck he wants.” he wrote.

Tyson’s recent foray into smoking marijuana from a smoke gun has caused a sensation among fans and the broader public. Moreover, his smoking gun experiment has brought together marijuana enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Tyson’s journey with marijuana has been a roller-coaster ride, from candidly admitting to a staggering monthly consumption to his recent experimentation with smoking from a smoke gun. However, as with any trend led by a beloved figure, it is essential to balance excitement with responsible promotion.


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