Video of 15-Year-Old Mike Tyson Makes Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Modern Heavyweight Boxers’ Shadowboxing Look Like Amateur Kids Play


At the young age of 15, Mike Tyson was already competing in official boxing bouts and showcasing his greatness. Moreover, a resurfaced video of a young ‘Iron Mike’ shadowboxing has taken over the internet. In the clip, he even makes the best heavyweights of today look like amateurs.

Mike Tyson’s shadowboxing brilliance at 15: A league of his own

Witnessing Tyson’s shadowboxing at the tender age of 15 is a sight to behold. His speed, power, and technique were unmatched, even as a young boy. In the video, the former champion’s explosiveness was on full display as he perfected his mentor Cus D’ Amato’s Peek-a-Boo style.

Comparing his prowess to modern Heavyweight boxers like Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, it becomes evident that they pale in comparison. Tyson stood in a league of his own, and his talent remained unmatched for most of his illustrious career. Even at the tender age of 15, ‘Iron Mike’ looks far more polished and refined in terms of speed and technique. In addition, this might be the reason why other amateur boxers of his age did not stand even a small chance of competing with Tyson.


15-year-old Mike Tyson delivers a brutal knockout in 10 seconds

In 1981, during the Junior Olympics Heavyweight championship match against Joe Cortez, he showcased an extraordinary display of skill and power. Moreover, a recently resurfaced viral video captures a 10-second flurry, where Tyson overwhelmed his opponent, leaving Cortez sprawled on the canvas.

The video perfectly encapsulates the destructive power that Tyson held even as a young kid. It also exemplifies the former champion’s explosive nature and killer instinct in the ring. It was a testament to his dedication and natural abilities, leaving no doubt that he was destined for greatness. Cortez on the other hand would seek a career as a professional referee and would be quite successful in his endeavors.


Moreover, even at the age of 57, the former champion still holds some power. This power and technique can be seen in sparring sessions which he does even after retirement. As the world watches the evolution of boxing, it is evident that there might never be another character and talent quite like Tyson.

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