How Losing ‘$400,000,000’ Redefined Mike Tyson’s Life: I Was Miserable Most of the Time When I Had Money


Mike Tyson recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Cigar and Spirit. During the interview, they talked about how Tyson gained a new perspective on life when he lost a $400 million fortune. ‘Kid Dynamite’ revealed how his fortune was the reason behind his misery throughout his career.

During Tyson’s professional career, he earned over $400 million

However, due to money mismanagement and poor financial decisions, he lost all of his fortune. Many fighters and celebrities have spoken about Tyson’s poor financial choices, including Conor McGregor. The Irishman met Tyson and addressed those issues personally.

Tyson was almost unbeatable at the pinnacle of his career. He amassed over 50 wins and 44 knockouts. This sheds light on the vicious mentality of the ‘Baddest Man on Planet‘. Despite his success inside and outside the ring, the New York-born boxer was fighting misery.



Mike Tyson highlights his fight with misery and wealth

Tyson was asked how the ups and downs of life during the interview. However, the youngest heavyweight boxer of all time doesn’t take it negatively. He accepts them as a part and parcel of his life. Every situation, be that good or bad has added a new perspective in his life.

Tyson said, “Many think it was a low when I lost my money, but they don’t know I was miserable most of the time when I had money. People think money equates to happiness, but those people never really had money. I know my journey was all divinely written to lead me here to this path, to this moment of inner peace and self-knowing. That is priceless.“


It is well-documented that Tyson had a rough upbringing. Thus, his motive was to reach a very healthy and sustainable lifestyle. However, in the said pursuit, Tyson realized that it was quite miserable. Since he did not value his money as much as others, he soon spent it all. However, he needed to bounce back from the point of bankruptcy and began his journey as an entrepreneur after his retirement.


Tyson’s journey to earn back his lost fortune

During the interview, Tyson was asked how he s trying to climb back or earn his lost money. The 57-year-old had launched Tyson 2.0 as his new marijuana business. He even wants NBA athletes to use his products.

Tyson said, “It’s high-end boxing equipment for boxing pros, boxing enthusiasts. The motivation comes from a phrase that I live by, “Will-vsSkill.” It’s the ideology that discipline is key to success and growth, and that hard work is more important than raw talent.“

However, during the interview, Tyson opened up about another business venture of his. This business venture is related to boxing apparel. Despite his setbacks, the former heavyweight champion finds different sources to overcome his failure, living up to his former championship status.


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