Mike Tyson’S Dream Fight Is Floyd Mayweather But Heavyweight Legend Insists He Would Only Win With ‘Dirty’ Tactics


Mike Tyson has shown off an incredible body transformation during lockdown and says he will return for exhibition fights.

The one name being matched with his is old foe Evander Holyfield, who has also announced he will lace up the gloves again.

Holyfield is 2-0 up against Tyson, one of which was that infamous DQ victory where Tyson bit a chunk out his opponent’s ear.

But Tyson has one other name on his hitlist – and it fellow boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who often teases his own return to the sport.

Of course the near seven-s tone weight difference meant they never clashed as professionals and probably won’t in exhibition bouts either.


But Tyson still harbours that dream and believes if he ‘played dirty’ he could hand his fellow American a first ever loss.


Iron Mike once told Shobox: “Well, I would love to have fought him [Mayweather], I wish he was my weight.

We can never fight, of course, because of the weight difference, but I wouldn’t fight him the way they fought him.

“I would be mean, I would be dirty. Because you’d have to do everything to fight him because he’s just so good.

“It’s almost impossible to fight him clean. It’s just so hard to beat him. It’s really hard to beat him.


“The style he deploys — it’s really difficult to beat him in that particular style.

“Love him or hate him, he’s a hard man to beat. I would fight a guy like Floyd differently if he was a heavyweight.”

It’s not the first time Tyson has spoken about going at it against Mayweather.


The 53-year-old took a cheeky dig at Money, 43, as he insisted it would not even be a contest if they ever came to blows.

When asked about a street fight with Mayweather during an interview with GQ, Iron Mike said: “[I would] kick Floyd’s a**, there wouldn’t even be no match.

“[If] I was his size in the ring, he would outpoint me.”

Tyson retired from boxing in 2005 with an incredible record of 50 wins, six defeats and two no contests.

Mayweather retired 50 and 0 undefeated, his last win being against UFC legend Conor McGregor back in 2017.


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