Unimaginable Feat Pushed Mike Tyson To Join Francis Ngannou’S Camp, Confesses Boxing Legend Ahead Of Tyson Fury Fight


Mike Tyson’s surprising mentorship of Francis Ngannou for his debut boxing match against Tyson Fury has captivated sports enthusiasts. Ngannou’s venture into the world of boxing holds tremendous significance, offering a unique platform to showcase his awe-inspiring skills beyond the octagon.

As a result, the former UFC heavyweight champion has eagerly begun his training under the tutelage of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. In a recent revelation, the boxing legend shared the true essence of why he chose to mentor the Cameroonian powerhouse.


Beyond boxing: Inside Mike Tyson’s mentorship of Francis Ngannou

During an exclusive interview with ESPN MMA, Mike Tyson shed light on his motivations for mentoring Francis Ngannou. He emphasized that his involvement goes beyond financial gain, stating, “They have faith in me to allow that, and I wanted people to know this is not for the money. I’m doing this for the pride of Cameroon.”

Expressing a steadfast belief in Ngannou’s potential to become a true champion and proudly represent his country on the global stage, Mike asserted, “He (Francis) is the biggest star there. He contributes the most to that country, and they need to have a heavyweight champion. And I think Francis is the guy to do it.”

Three years ago, Francis expressed his desire for training assistance from Mike Tyson

The roots of this unique mentorship date back three years. The chance meeting between Francis Ngannou and Mike Tyson set the groundwork for their collaboration. Francis recalls making a humble request to Tyson, expressing his desire for training assistance when facing Tyson Fury.

To his surprise, Tyson agreed wholeheartedly, even imparting some valuable moves and training techniques. “He even showed me some moves back in the day and gave me some training techniques, and that was three years ago. Nobody could have believed that this will happen, but today, we are here for real,” the Cameroon-French MMA artist fondly reminisces.


As the long-awaited battle between Ngannou and Fury approaches, the world is eager to witness the outcome of Tyson’s training. Will his guidance and expertise propel Francis to victory in his professional boxing debut? The answer lies in the hands of time.

The unyielding spirit of collaboration has forged a formidable alliance between these legendary fighters. Their shared passion for the sport undoubtedly plays a significant role in this bond. Let’s see if Mike Tyson’s training shapes Francis Ngannou’s destiny in this exhilarating boxing journey.


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