Mike Tyson Amazed By Tony Gonzalez Boxing Challenge – But Fans Are Not Impressed


Mike Tyson was impressed when former NFL star Tony Gonzalez took on the punching challenge while recording his podcast

Mike Tyson was blown away by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez’s punching challenge attempt – but fans wanted to see something else.

The American became the youngest heavyweight champion at 20 in 1986, going on to be unified for two years.

He became famous in the boxing world for fighting with power and speed.

And the 53-year-old keeps himself busy by running a cannabis ranch as well as a podcast.

Footage has now emerged of the latest guest Gonzalez, former Kansas City Chiefs tight-end, showing off his boxing skills.

In the clip, the latest Hotboxin’ podcast has just been filmed.



And the former NFL legend is standing next to a punching machine, which measures how powerful your hit is.

Tyson hypes the 43-year-old up as he prepares to land a punch.

The former tight-end drives his fist through the bag, sending it clattering up as the score climbs rapidly.

“That’s pretty heavy,” the former heavyweight boxer says.

The score comes to an stop at 502.

And Tyson simply says: “You’re in the 500 club.”

All Gonzalez can do is smile as the 53-year-old heaps praise on him.

This footage has been viewed more than a million times since it was published on Instagram last week.

But fans were left fuming with Tyson for not delivering.

“I wanted to see the legendary Mike hit it,” one said.

Another commented: “OK, we’ve got to see Mike hitting that now.”

While a third suggested the former heavyweight would nail the challenge.


“I want to see Tyson punching it to the limit,” they said.

And a fourth added: “Tyson would get over 9000.”

A fifth even sent a direct message to Tyson, with: “Let’s see you hit it now.”

With a sixth simply writing: “I want to see the Champ rattling it.”

But legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach has claimed Manny Pacquiao hits harder than Tyson.


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