Ahead of His $10,000,000+ Boxing Debut Against Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou Drops Two-Words for Mike Tyson


Francis Ngannou, the ex-UFC heavyweight champ, is gearing up for one of the biggest battles of his life. ‘The Predator’ is set to make his boxing debut against the acclaimed British boxer Tyson Fury on the 28th of October in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. To prepare for this monumental occasion, the former UFC star has teamed up with none other than boxing legend Mike Tyson. Ngannou must perform at his absolute best, as this opportunity is said to bring in a massive payday of over $10 million.

Therefore, training under Mike Tyson will prove to be extremely beneficial for the former UFC champion. Amidst the excitement surrounding the fight, Ngannou has sent a two-word message to the former heavyweight boxing champion.


Francis Ngannou sends a message to Mike Tyson

Ngannou vs. Fury is one of the biggest crossovers in combat sports history. Given his boxing prowesses, Fury appears to be a favorite going into the fight. Thus, ‘The Predator’ has brought in the absolute best to prepare for his debut.

The former UFC heavyweight champion took to his official Instagram account and posted pictures revealing that Mike Tyson is training him for the fight. He wrote a two-word caption on the post:


“Iron Mike”

Francis Ngannou is all excited about training with ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet.’And claimed it is the best decision he made. In an interview, the former UFC fighter expressed his respect for the boxing icon. He also added that Tyson’s boxing IQ will heavily help him prepare against the undefeated boxer.


Ngannou is set to earn over $10 million for this fight

Not only is this one of the greatest fights of his career, but this fight versus Fury will net Ngannou his largest payday. ‘The Predator’ quit UFC earlier this year due to a contractual disagreement.

Many people predicted that his career would sink after that. Surprisingly, the Cameroonian fighter proved his naysayers wrong. Ngannou landed this fight shortly after signing with the PFL.

According to reports, Ngannou will now earn more than $10 million for his boxing debut. However, it is vital to remember that the ex-UFC fighter will not have an easy battle. Nevertheless, Ngannou has faced and overcome many difficult hurdles during his career. Likewise, he will give it all inside the squared ring.


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