Anthony Joshua: Mike [Tyson] Fell Off When He Surrounded His Self With the Wrong People


On the other side of the spectrum stands Anthony Joshua, a modern champion, embodying a blend of humility and prowess. Known for his respectful outlook towards the sport and its greats, Joshua once made a statement about Tyson.

An expression that encapsulated the fascination, respect, and acknowledgment of a legend’s complexities. But this isn’t just another athlete expressing admiration for his idol. This statement is peculiar, capturing a different perspective of Tyson’s legend.

This past remark resurfaced recently, creating ripples among boxing aficionados worldwide. Here’s the catch though – the fans’ reactions to Joshua’s homage is a story in itself.


Echoing praise: Fans align with Anthony Joshua

The wave of reactions was prompted by Anthony Joshua’s past quote about Mike Tyson. He said, “Mike Tyson was sent from heaven to grace us with his boxing talent. Mike is a unique specimen. I can learn from him, but I cannot ever be anything like Mike Tyson.”

Indeed, Mark Kirby swiftly agreed, commending, “No one will ever be like Mike Tyson. The man was a machine.” His remark not only echoes Joshua’s sentiment, but also amplifies the perceived exceptionalism of Tyson.

However, Michael Mattis took the conversation down a different path. He stated, “True Mike fell off when he surrounded his self with the wrong people. Before, he was a god and couldn’t be beat”. His comment adds an intriguing layer to Tyson’s narrative, attributing his downfall to external influences rather than declining prowess.


Meanwhile, Lazarus Chatukuta brings in a quote from a notable contemporary, Evander Holyfield. He shared, “Even Holyfield said ‘I was fortunate to fight Tyson when most of his skills were diminished’.” Chatukuta’s comment underscores the decline of Tyson’s abilities and the impact of his choices on his career.


In contrast to the reflections on Tyson’s past, Tiago Adao and Sudhir Christian focused on Joshua’s humility.

Adao applauds, “AJ is a great champion. Much respect for that guy.” Similarly, Christian appreciates Joshua’s respectful words, stating, “Hats off to AJ for his humble words… Well said my brother!!”

Through these reactions, the fans have painted a multi-dimensional picture of Tyson, while also offering a lens to appreciate Joshua. And as we delve deeper, we uncover an even more fascinating narrative of the boxing world.


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