Combat World Left Divided As Past Remarks Of UFC Legend Daniel Cormier Predicting He’D Beat Mike Tyson In A Street Fight Resurfaces


Daniel Cormier has claimed he would come down heavy on the boxing legend, Mike Tyson. He agreed with a fan on social media that he would totally “destroy” the boxing legend in a street fight. The former two-weight UFC world champion was recognized during his career for his less-toned physique and comparatively shorter stature at 5’11”, which was smaller than most heavyweight fighters. However, he established himself as one of the top fighters in the game at a certain time.

He would likely hold an advantage over a boxer in various real-life fights due to his adeptness in wrestling. The Olympic-level wrestler traveled to the Beijing Games in 2008 as a captain of the American Team. He made it to the 205 pounds so that his fellow fighter, Cain Velasquez could compete for the Heavyweight gold. Then went up the weight at the end of his career. It is evident that he is an ideal fighter to go against Tyson and the world seems to agree with him.


Daniel Cormier vs Mike Tyson, who would win?

A fan claimed that a street fight between Cormier and Tyson would go in favor of the MMA legend. In a conversation with Ryan Clark, Cormier said he could take the former fighter down. He said, “ I tap in because in a street fight, I’m wrestling everybody, I’m wrestling everybody to the ground, and in a street fight you grab bottles, you can use everything.”

Michel Savoie took shots at the MMA fighter for not being in the normative shape of a fighter. He said, “Well pound for pound Mike Tyson is the best fighter in the world in is best shape.”


Ronnie Sears does not agree with his prediction. He thinks it was a tad bit exaggerated. He said, “DC is an awesome fighter..but saying you will beat Tyson in a street fight bare nuckled ..hopefully there paramedics on stand by”

Matt Hartley agreed with the opinion that Mike was a better fighter than DC. He said, “DC forgets Tyson eats people.”


Mike’s namesake user, Mike Corallo said, “Mike bites people’s ears off on camera with rules.. no rules fight he’d probably shank d.c. this no rules street fight would probably need a set of rules so d.c can win.” This a sly reference to the time when the boxer bit a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear in their fight about 27 years ago.

David Louis called this attempt of DC in order to chase clout. He said, “He waited till Tyson retired year’s into his retirement to say this buddy is clout chasing even in Tysons retirement he’ll beat that ass cormier, I put a lower case c on purpose.”

In the same conversation, the former fighter spoke about his admiration for ‘Iron Mike’. He said, “But RC, more than the fight, because I love Mike, he’s my guy and I would never lift a finger to hurt Mike Tyson.” Both the fighters will seemingly not face each other off in a bout, but if they do, it would be exciting to see who comes out of the cage victorious.


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