A Year After Fan Puts Him Under Gun Point, Mike Tyson Decides to Have Kickboxing Champions as His Bodyguards


Being eminent makes it difficult for people to guard their privacies. They may get surrounded by crowds and their fans, just for a few seconds of their time.

Dana White wanted to know how ‘Iron Mike’ travels around the continent without feeling too overwhelmed and Tyson’s response to this question has got everyone thinking.


Mike Tyson reveals his secret

At the beginning of the episode, White instantly posed the question of how he managed to walk around Italy. Well, Tyson revealed that he gets chased by kids on their bikes for a picture. He stated, “These guys on bikes is like a team. Like 12 kids on the bikes chasing me.”

The UFC President still couldn’t fathom how Tyson can easily travel to such known places without getting engulfed by the crowd. He confessed how he went to the Colosseum recently and was met with lots of fans. He enunciated, “It was so bad I had to get back on the boat and go back to the boat because we couldn’t even f***ing walk.”

That’s w hen ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ gave out his trade secret, as he said, “I got all the MMA fighters over there, the Kickboxing champions, they’re all my bodyguards. Yeah, all the fighters, Europe is different all the fighters run the show, you know that?” Well, this was a big step for Tyson post the incident that happened at a Comedy Show in Hollywood.



Tyson encountered a fan with a gun in his hand

‘Kid Dynamite’ decided to attend a small open mic in Los Angeles, when a comedian recognized the boxer and vehemently challenged him to a fight. At one point, according to TMZ, he even pulled out a gun from his waist and threatened all the people around. Interestingly, Tyson didn’t get fazed one bit, despite being technically held at gunpoint.

There was a certain desperation in the man’s voice as he was heard saying, “All I need is you.” After some time, the man put the gun away, and the Brooklyn native offered him a hug. Tyson did not lose his cool, and was calm the entire time, as he’s seen it all back in his childhood. He’s also been held at gunpoint before by his former trainer, Teddy Atlas.


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