Mike Tyson’s Unsettled Reaction as Conor McGregor Tests Limits Near Pregnant Fiancé Amidst Divorce Reminders


Guess who’s back at it again, stealing the spotlight with his wild antics? You got it – the UFC’s very own showstopper, Conor McGregor, a.k.a. ‘Notorious.’ And this time, he’s got the gossip mill buzzing with his eyebrow-raising flirtatious banter. Who’s the target of his attention, you ask? None other than hip-hop sensation Saweetie. Picture this: the dust had barely settled from the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz boxing showdown, and McGregor’s radar was locked onto Saweetie, who was bored with the boxing bout. And how did he make his move, you wonder? You bet – via the modern-day megaphone of our times, Twitter.

But it looks like the Irishman’s antics have rubbed his sparring partner’s upcoming boxing rival Jake Paul the wrong way. Why? Well, in a recent podcast interview, the YouTuber-turned-boxer shed light on what he thinks of ‘Notorious’s peculiar remarks aimed at the female rapper. What’s more – he even labeled the former UFC champ as an ‘idiot’! Would you believe that? Well, there’s more to what unfolded as he sat down with Boxing Hall-of-Famer Mike Tyson for an intriguing discussion.


Jake Paul joins Mike Tyson and takes digs at Conor McGregor

When the topic of McGregor’s interactions with Saweetie was broached, Jake Paul’s candid response shed light on his perspective. Paul expressed a sense of concern for ‘Notorious’s behavior, suggesting that his actions reflect a state of being ‘c*ked out’ and ‘drunk’ and conveying an image of someone who is ‘lost.‘

The Problem Child emphasized, “Like – what is he[McGregor] do ing? If you’re fighting and winning, you can go around and talk all this sh*t and say whatever you want. But when you’re in that place and you’re cheating on your wife and you’re just all over the place – it’s like, at some point, you just look like an idiot.”


Moreover, Paul also mocked the Irishman’s erratic Twitter exchanges – where he would post bold statements only to delete them minutes later, possibly realizing their inappropriateness. “He’s going off on me on Twitter with all these crazy exchanges. Like saying crazy shit and then deleting the tweets like 10-12 minutes later – realizing probably that what he said was crazy,” he added.


Mike Tyson expresses shock at McGregor’s flirtatious antics

What’s more – as the conversation continued, Mike Tyson himself expressed astonishment upon learning about McGregor’s marital status. The ‘Kid Dynamite’ intervened, adding, “I didn’t know he was married. He’s married with kids…”

What’s more – this reaction, coming from a man who himself has had a tumultuous married life, speaks volumes about Tyson’s transformation over the years. Considering the boxing veteran’s two tragic divorces – it can be argued that he knows how ugly it can get between enraged partners. But his reaction underscores his concern for ‘Notorious’s married life, and his guest YouTuber had something similar to add.

Furthermore, Paul clarified that despite being married and having children, ‘Notorious’ didn’t shy away from publicly flirting with Saweetie. The YouTuber-turned-boxer declared – “That’s what I’m saying! He’s like – hitting on Saweetie – that’s what I’m saying. The dude’s lost and again, this isn’t even talking sh*t. This is why I don’t even like – talk about it. Everyone sees it…”


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