R.I.P to a Giant Among Giants – Mike Tyson Joins Fans in Mourning Saddening Demise of American Icon and Greatest Humanitarian at Age 92


In a world where people come and go, some leave legacies that will live on forever. Mike Tyson, arguably the greatest boxer of his generation celebrated the legacy of one such person. His heartfelt testimony to the man we know as the “Godfather of Black Music” hit harder than any of his knockout punches.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the man’s legacy, Tyson’s words echoed a sentiment felt globally with a tenderness he’s only shown a few. The reverence held for the late great musician is palpable, yet Tyson’s tribute hinted at something deeper, something personal. Beyond the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, a bond was forged. Between a boxing champion and the ‘Black Godfather’.


Mike Tyson honors the black community’s great heroes

Imagine a man responsible for the mainstream success of Michael Jackson and Magic Johnson. Now imagine that same man as being one of the most influential mentors of black musicians, athletes, and politicians. Imagine no further ladies and gentlemen, because such was the legacy of the great Clarence Avant.

Mike Tyson, a name synonymous with boxing championships, took to Instagram to commemorate this icon. He wrote, “Rest In Peace to a giant among giants. Clarence Avant was a groundbreaking force helping countless entertainers and politicians. However, his greatest legacy was being a great husband, father and humanitarian. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.”

Clarence Avant wasn’t just a title on a business card. He was a force, breaking barriers and paving paths in the daunting world of entertainment. A mastermind behind numerous successful careers, his mentorship spanned across music, film, and politics. But, beyond his professional accolades, Avant’s impact was deeply personal.

The world mourns the death of a legend

It is clear very few were ready for the passing of Avant, expressing their shared sentiments. Efrain Cobos responded, “@miketyson condolences and prayers go out to you and your family may he rest in peace.” Similarly, Mahdi wrote, “Rest in peace may Allah be with you and help you at these times ❤️,” capturing the global outpour of grief.

Emanuel Catalin Paun, another follower, shared, “@miketyson I am sorry to hear this sad news. R. I. P for your loss. 😢.” Such was Avant’s reach that Anthony Albert simply penned, “RIP 😢,” letting the emotion speak volumes.


Lastly, Kudakwashe paid tribute to Avant’s legacy with “Condolences the real Godfather of Harlem🔥🔥🔥,” reinforcing the unparalleled stature of this entertainment giant. Through these heartfelt reactions, it’s evident that Avant wasn’t just an industry magnate. Moreover, he was a beacon of inspiration for many.

His journey, from the corridors of music to the echelons of politics, serves as a testament to the indelible footprints one can leave behind. As Mike Tyson’s touching tribute and the wave of fan reactions underscore, Avant’s legacy is both profound and enduring.

What personal stories or experiences do our readers have about Clarence Avant? How has he impacted or inspired your own journey? We invite you to share, reflect, and celebrate the life of a true giant among giants.


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