AEW’S Chris Jericho Silences Critics That Think The Mike Tyson Storyline Is A WWE Angle


AEW’s Chris Jericho was interviewed by ESPN earlier and discussed a plethora of topics. During the interview, Jericho was asked about his feud with Mike Tyson and the fact that many AEW and WWE fans think that it is a continuation of their storyline in WWE.

Chris Jericho is a household name in the world of Pro-Wrestling, and Mike Tyson is one that needs no introduction. This past week on AEW’s Dynamite, Jericho and Tyson almost came to blows.


Chris Jericho on the Mike Tyson feud in AEW
In the interview, Chris Jericho said the following,

“It’s a WWE angle? It’s a Chris Jericho angle. I was there. I don’t just wash away my entire 19-year history with the WWE. That’s ludicrous. Anybody criticizing that this was a WWE angle and we brought it over here — this is my life. It’s my story. Tyson knocked out Chris Jericho. He didn’t knock out Chris Jericho and The Rock and Hulk Hogan and Triple H and Kurt Angle. He knocked me out. That’s my story. It’s like if I write a song and it’s a huge hit and I released it on Sony records and then I signed with Warner Bros. and rerecorded the song. It’s my song.”


It will be interesting to see how this feud plays out. Nobody would have seen this coming as many thought that Mike Tyson’s deal with AEW was a one-time thing to appear at Double Or Nothing to crown the inaugural AEW TNT Champion.

For those that don’t remember, Tyson and Y2J teamed up to take on D-Generation X back in 2010. It looked like Jericho and Tyson were in control of things before Hornswoggle intervened. While Jericho was distracted by the Leprechaun, Tyson revealed his DX t-shirt and knocked the former WWE Champion out right in the center of the ring.

After ten years, it doesn’t seem like Tyson’s intentions have changed. We may get a chance to witness Mike Tyson vs Chris Jericho in AEW.

Who do you think will walk away victorious?


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