On This Day: Unaware Mike Tyson “Knocked” A Veteran Referee “Down” 22 Years Ago


Mike Tyson has faced a diverse array of opponents across his iconic career. June 24, 2022, marks the 22nd year of Tyson’s scintillating performance against Lou Savarese. Incredulously, during the fight, Tyson accidentally downed the referee, who was trying to stop the said fight.

Tyson faced Savarese at the Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland on June 24, 2000. In fact, the bout was Tyson’s second fight in the United Kingdom. Previously, Tyson had fought Julius Francis in January of the same year.


Additionally, the bout was controlled by one of Britain’s most respected boxing referees, John Coyle.

From the very start of the bout, it was certain that the formidable ‘Iron’ Mike was out for blood. Consequently, he downed Savarese with a devastating left hook. Notably, this was Tyson’s first punch in the bout, barely seconds after it began.

When Savarese got up, Tyson unleashed an unforgiving volley of punches. Coyle came in between the fighters to stop the bout. However, one of Tyson’s stray punches connected with Coyle, sending him to the ground. The veteran referee came back unfazed and stopped the bout, 38 seconds after it started. It is worth noting that this was one of the fastest wins of Tyson’s career.



Mike Tyson’s former opponent knocks out a heckler

There are very few boxers who were courageous enough to face Mike Tyson in the ring. One of them was Julius Francis who was the first opponent Tyson faced in the UK.

Francis, who is a former British heavyweight champion, currently works as a security guard outside the BOXPARK Wembley. A recent video showed a man in a glaring blue durag causing a scene outside the restaurant. Additionally, he was also seen pushing staff and security guards around.

However, nothing prepared him for facing ‘Iron’ Mike’s former opponent. Francis downed him with a swift right, knocking him out. That is one encounter the heckler will remember forever.


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