In Mike Tyson’s Eyes: Grasping the Parallels with Tank Davis and a Detailed Look at Ryan vs. Gervonta


Mike Tyson says he now understands why so many people around boxing have compared Tank Davis’ fighting style to his own, saying their “stoutness to the ground” and the way they throw power punches are very similar.

56-year-old “Iron” Mike joined Babcock on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs weekdays on FS1) … where he talked about everything from the comparisons between him and “Tank,” to whether Davis will have trouble with Ryan Garcia’s height Saturday night.

“Tank is very comfortable fighting taller people because when he fights he catapults himself, and pushes himself in the air, so it makes it very difficult to stop his attack cause it’s very awkward when you’re in the air, normally you have no power. But, the way which he catapults himself, it’s almost like a gun being fired. He flies right into you with every ounce of power.”


FYI, Gervonta is giving up between 5-6 inches to Ryan, and also has a shorter reach. Length, in boxing, typically provides an advantage.

Mike continued … “I understood them now when they say he fights like Mike Tyson ’ca use he flies through the air which is normally bad positioning, you have no power in the air. But, for him and myself, our stoutness to the ground, as I said before, catapults us like being shot like a bow and arrow and the force is unstoppable.”


As for Gervonta’s other weapons … Tyson says he’s more than just a power puncher.

“Tank has a lot of arsenal, he’s got a lot of ammunition in his arsenal, and he can box. He’s a great boxer, he’s a great, aggressive fighter, he has a great jab, and he’s an all-around good fighter.”

“They call him short 5’5″, but he can do it all pretty much.”

That’s not to say Mike doesn’t believe Ryan can win the fight … or have dangerous weapons of his own.


There’s much more … we also talked to Tyson about the potential of him returning to the ring. Mike says a big check is important, but most importantly he’d want to put together a big-time event, and he believes that means an exhibition fight with Evander Holyfield.

And, if he does hammer out a deal with “The Real Deal,” or he just wants to get in shape, Mike’s got the equipment he needs. He just launched a new company, Tyson Pro, and he’s selling high-quality boxing equipment, from wraps to gloves, for amateurs and the pros.


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