Mike Tyson Looks Even More Ripped In Latest Video As He Dives With Sharks Ahead Of Comeback Aged 54


The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ has been gearing up to fight for the first time in 15 years, against Roy Jones Jr.

But alongside his brutal training regime Tyson has been filming for Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ where he will put his nickname to the test against a great white.

Not yet known what the challenge will be, but Iron Mike was captured diving with sharks.


He decided to take on the great white in order to conquer his fear of the animal.

Tyson showed off a ripped physique in the clip which comes a month before his ring return.


He will box Jones Jr, 51, in an eight-round exhibition bout on September 12.


Tyson has undergone a dramatic body transformation after training again for the first time since he retired in 2005.

Ahead of the pay-per-view spectacle, Iron Mike boasted he is the greatest boxer “since the conception of God”.


Tyson said: “Anything I do, I put so much into it. If I fail, I’m going to die.

“How many people do that? That’s what I like to do. I go all out or nothing. I play for keeps.

“You know, I’m the greatest fighter since the conception of God. How could I not take this opportunity up?”


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