Minting $25,000,000 Effortlessly, Terence Crawford Reveals Why He Doesn’T Follow Mike Tyson’S Strategy Before Fights To Joe Rogan


“Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.” All martial artists claim to have this attitude. But if there is one boxer who has truly embodied this motto, it has to be Terence Crawford. While every top athlete seems to be guarding their undefeated record, Crawford appears ready to face anyone willing to step inside the ring with him.

Despite this unflinching attitude, ‘Bud’ remains undefeated in his professional career—a career that spans 40 fights over 15 years. No doubt, maintaining such a resume requires serious hard work and strategy. While no one can doubt Crawford’s work ethic, it seems the boxer is not a fan of tried and tested strategies.


Terence Crawford does not follow the Mike Tyson formula

In his recent appearance on Joe Rogan‘s ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Terence Crawford made a revelation that might raise some eyebrows. According to the newly crowned undisputed welterweight champion, he does not watch much films of his opponents before his bouts. This practice, he claims, continued during his recently concluded fight against Errol Spence Jr. The same fight in which he reportedly minted at least 25 million doll ars.


For those unaware, the said bout wasn’t just a milestone in Crawford’s career, but also for the entire sport of boxing. With this victory, he became the first boxer of this era to become the undisputed champion in two different weight classes. In boxing, it’s common practice to watch available footage of rivals during training camp and prepare a strategy accordingly, especially when so much is on the line. Many big names in boxing vouch for this strategy. One of those names is none other than the legendary Mike Tyson.


In fact, ‘Iron Mike’ claims that he used to watch his opponent’s footage all the way to his dressing room, on the fight day. But according to Crawford, he prefers to make adjustments on the fly rather than formulate a plan beforehand. In Crawford’s own words: “Like I don’t watch too much film because I’m going to make my adjustments on the fly inside the ring. So yeah, I don’t watch too much film”.


Will there be a Canelo fight for the double champ?

As soon as Terence Crawford defeated Errol Spence Jr, speculation about the double champion’s next opponent became the talk of the town. According to many, with the Spence fight done, the Nebraska native should face the next big thing: Canelo Alvarez. This is a fight that Crawford has also expressed a desire for. However, according to Canelo Alvarez, he does not see this bout ever materializing.

For the Mexican, the weight difference between him and his American opponent is significant. So much so that he considers this fight an ‘impossible’ proposition. In Canelo’s own words: “I don’t think anyone will beat Crawford, from 147 to 154 no one beats him. At 160 we don’t know, but at 154 I don’t see anyone beating him. He’s a great fighter.”


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