Nico Ali Walsh Boxing Record: Is Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Undefeated ?


Muhammad Ali’s legendary stature and mesmerizing skills inspired numerous boxing superstars, including the likes of Mike Tyson, to enter the sport. Among those inspired is Muhammad Ali’s own grandson, Nico Ali Walsh, who stepped into the boxing world following in his footsteps.

Having grown up surrounded by boxing gloves, he’s striving to make his mark in the ring. Now, the question arises: how is he performing in the boxing arena? Let’s delve into his journey within the squared circle to find out.


Record of Nico Ali Walsh The Grandson of Muhammad Ali

It’s often a common expectation that when someone excels in a field, whether it’s sports or another domain like art, their children will inherit a similar level of talent. Yet, not everyone lives up to those expectations. Now, in the case of Muhammad Ali’s grandson, Nico, is he living up to the legacy set by his legendary grandfather?

It is needless to say that Ali is an icon who left behind a legacy that’s nearly impossible to duplicate in any sporting realm. But does his grandson follow the same? Nico Ali stepped into the boxing arena at 21 years old in August 2021, making his debut against Jordan Weeks. Notably, he secured his first victory via a first-round TKO.


Following his debut, he continued his success, triumphing in 7 consecutive fights, with 4 of them ending via stoppage. Up to this point, Walsh remains undefeated in his professional boxing journey. His most recent bout, a non-title contest against Danny Rosenberger on May 20, 2023, concluded in an 8-round split decision draw. As of now, he has an 8-0-1 record which is flawless and perfect.


On the flip side, when you compare it to Ali’s journey, who faced some pivotal losses in his career with a record of 56-5-0, his legacy is undoubtedly engraved in history as one of the greatest fighters, with a golden reputation. Ali’s final record of 56 wins and 5 losses, including 37 knockouts, has been equaled by a few, but what sets him apart is the caliber of his opponents and his domination during his prime.

This elevated him to a level alongside the boxing legends. As time moves forward, it will be intriguing to witness Nico Ali Walsh’s journey in the ring and see if he can surpass his legendary grandfather. Only time will unveil the answer.


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