Why Does Claressa Shields Compare Tyson Fury To Muhammad Ali And The Terminator?


Claressa Shields advised Francis Ngannou over his best way to defeat Tyson Fury, but gave the WBC champion one of the highest possible compliments.

Shields said she had watched each of Fury’s trilogy series with Wilder, which ended with Fury walking away with the heavyweight championship after an epic three fights that saw both men struggling on the canvas at times.

On October 28, Ngannou will now face Fury after leaving the UFC to link up with the PFL following his clash in the ring, and Shields believes that his power gives him a chance, but Fury is a remarkable fighter for his size.


She told the DAZN MMA Show: “I do believe that Francis has got power, and he’s a great puncher and everything, but it’s just different, different angles and a different mindset when it comes to boxing.


“And also a different defence. Tyson Fury is a bad man, to me, he is like the white Muhammed Ali. I saw him fight Deontay Wilder all three times and I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ Deontay Wilder is one of the biggest knockout punchers of our era, nobody can debate that.


“If he even touches you with that right hand you’re going to sleep. Tyson Fury got knocked down I don’t know how many times by Deontay Wilder, and still got up like the Terminator.


“Francis Ngannou is not Deontay Wilder, and I don’t think many people can hit like Wilder. If Francis can use his jab and keep his distance,

“I just know that Tyson Fury is really good, to be a heavyweight boxer who is fast. He’s gonna get up and show why you don’t punch boxers in the face.”


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