Mike Tyson Compares Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou to Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Years After $600M Bout – Were They Both Underestimated as Fighters?


In a casual podcast chat, far from the sweat and roar of the boxing ring, ‘Iron Mike’ dropped a commentary bombshell. Tyson, while discussing Fury and Ngannou, made a revelation that’s echoing in the boxing alleys and gyms worldwide.

Mike Tyson reminisces: The $600 million Mayweather-McGregor showdown

In 2017, the boxing world came to a standstill. Mayweather vs. McGregor, a clash no one anticipated, not only captured imaginations but also generated a staggering $600 million in revenue. The fight, defying expectations, saw McGregor go toe-to-toe with the boxing maestro, Mayweather, for almost ten full rounds. While many anticipated a swift defeat for the MMA champion, Conor McGregor, he showcased resilience and prowess that few gave him credit for.


Transitioning from this iconic bout, Mike Tyson, in his recent podcast appearance, drew a compelling parallel. He voiced, “This is what you have to look at when you think about him fighting Tyson Fury, right. Conor McGregor won 11 rounds or 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather, the greatest fighter of his generation if not all time. So if that can happen, why can’t he give Tyson a capable fight?”

He continued, “Floyd Mayweather was the greatest fighter in the world for his technique and style, you know? So why doesn’t he have a chance? If McGregor did well and did a great account of himself, everybody respected him for his effort? Nobody thought he’s a b**ch. No one’s saying that.”


Tyson’s words beckon reflection. He alludes to the idea that in boxing, outcomes can be unpredictable, even when the odds seem insurmountably stacked. If McGregor could challenge the mighty Mayweather, what’s stopping Ngannou from presenting Fury with a worthy challenge? Tyson’s insightful comparison, laced with respect for McGregor’s effort, encapsulates the unpredictability that makes boxing so enchanting.

‘Iron’ Mike overlooks Wilder in praise of Ngannou?

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are no strangers to boxing enthusiasts. Their thrilling trilogy showcased Wilder’s raw power and Fury’s unmatched resilience. Yet, as the boxing world buzzes about Fury’s upcoming face-off with Francis Ngannou, Mike Tyson’s comments on the Jim Rowe show raised eyebrows.


Tyson remarked, “[Ngannou] punches like no one else; Tyson’s never faced such power.” Fans were quick to remind Tyson of Wilder’s unmatched knockout prowess, questioning whether Mike might be underestimating ‘The Bronze Bomber’ in the glow of ‘The Predator’s’ rise.

With Wilder’s past clashes and Ngannou’s burgeoning reputation in mind, the landscape of Heavyweight boxing is undergoing a seismic shift. Nevertheless, one can’t help but wonder if Tyson’s bold claims are a mere oversight or a testament to Ngannou’s genuine prowess. So, as we await the ringing bell of the next big match, we turn to you.


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