Why Does Joe Rogan Disagree with Labeling Mike Tyson as the ‘Best Ever’ Over Floyd Mayweather, Despite Admitting Fear of Tyson’s Power?


Popular UFC commentator and MMA analyst Joe Rogan is known for covering a wide variety of topics on his ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast. He engages in conversation with personalities from every walk of life, often showcasing his takes on them. In a viral clip from an episode with ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, we see Joe Rogan do a double-take as Tyson gets serious. In the clip, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ told Rogan that he needs “the right person” to break undesirable news to him. Rogan responded with, “Who the f*ck is gonna say that dude?”. While Rogan hinted at Tyson’s fierce image, ‘Iron’ Mike did not take it lightly.

In a much later episode with comedian Mark Normand, Rogan reveals another impact the former Heavyweight had on him. He confessed that he started using a bigger desk out of fear of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Rogan explained, “I did an interview with Tyson, and he was so amped up for this Roy Jones fight, that I got nervous being in the room”. Although Rogan has publicly acknowledged Tyson’s power, he still placed Floyd Mayweather as the ‘best ever’ in this new interview.


Joe Rogan forgoes Mike Tyson for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The new episode featured Terence Crawford in conversation with the commentator. The two were discussing Francis Ngannou’s upcoming bout with Tyson Fury in October. The topic shifted as the duo remembered Conor McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Known as ‘The Money Fight’, the bout in 2017 racked up one of the highest PPV buy rates in boxing history. It was in light of this discussion that Joe Rogan suggested a name different from Tyson’s as the ‘best ever’.


Rogan said, “That was a fascinating fight. Conor vs. Floyd. Cause Conor’s a talented fighter. But to just jump right in against the best ever. Like that’s just..”. ‘Bud’ jumped right into the conversation and said, “He did what he had to do. He got that bag. That’s all it comes down to. You know. Solidifying yourself and taking care of your family.’ Rogan gave ‘the Notorious’ his flowers and even commended him for taking on ‘the best ever’. Previously, the duo discussed another crossover boxing event- former UFC Champion Francis Ngannou’s fight with Tyson Fury.


Terence Crawford sheds light on ‘the bag’

Joe Rogan commented on the money that Ngannou will supposedly make from the fight. He said, “I don’t know what he’s getting paid, but it’s going to be more money than what he’s ever made before, right?”.

In agreement, the undisputed Welterweight champion said, “That’s why all those MMA guys coming over to boxing, tryna, you know, they see Conor McGregor they’re like, ‘Oh Made all that money? Let me try’”.


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