Collapsed in Fury: 31 Years Later, Mike Tyson’s Live TV Threat to Interviewer Reminding His Conviction Shakes Viewers!


In 1991, the youngest heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, faced adversity. It was the year an Indiana jury convicted him of raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington in February 1992. Tyson and Indiana crossed paths at a Miss Black America pageant rehearsal. The practice was taking place in Indianapolis in July 1991. After his conviction, Tyson received a 10-year prison sentence. However, that was not only it, he was also given a suspension for four years.

Furthermore, ‘Iron Mike’ commenced his term at the Indiana Youth Center near Plainfield in March 1992. Later, he got out in March 1995. Now, 31 years after the incident happened, a video has resurfaced. In it, we see an agitated Mike. This is because, in an interview, Tyson was unexpectedly asked about his rape conviction.


Why did Mike Tyson become agitated with an interviewer?

In the video that has resurfaced, we see a ferocious side of Mike Tyson. This was triggered by an interviewer, who allegedly out of nowhere asked ‘Kid Dynamite’ about his 31 years old rape conviction. Furthermore, Mike came to give the interview about his then association with Mayor Ford. Moreover, the agenda of the discussion was ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’s’ involvement in politics.

However, fury arose in Mike as the interviewer posed a question about his rape conviction. Apparently, the interviewer was raising the concerns of the critics. According to them, Tyson’s involvement with the Mayor’s campaign considering his criminal background, may tarnish the image of the campaign. This is what led him to lose his calm and lash out at the interviewer. Out of anger, Tyson said, “You don’t even want to say that. So interesting that you come across like a nice guy, but you’re really a piece of sh*t. So f*ck you.”


Indeed, Tyson’s outburst was a reflection of past memories which were tormenting.


Tyson details his appalling memories

After spending three years in prison, he was released. However, Tyson couldn’t release himself from the mental cage of those traumatic memories. Furthermore, Tyson has shared his poignant experience in his autobiography ‘The Undisputed Truth.’ He discussed at length his experience in the prison. He said he used to be furious inside the prison. Mike said, “I was consumed with rage.”

Furthermore, he also elaborated on his experience before reaching the prison. When Tyson arrived at the diagnostic center, he underwent a cavity search. This was a part of their procedure. But, what happened next was a painful memory for Mike. It was the staff there that stripped him naked and conducted the search. Then, after the search, Tyson and other inmates received pajama-like clothes and slippers.


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