Imagining Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali in the Ring – Wrestling with the Unknowable!


Ali and Tyson made it to the top and became global superstars. They were often compared with each other and fans wanted to know who would be the better boxer if they did fight. Unfortunately, they couldn’t box professionally as they hailed from two different eras.

That said, Mike Tyson always considered Muhammad Ali as his idol and expressed his respect for ‘The Greatest’ several times. While Ali was in his last years and could barely move, ‘Iron’ Mike once paid him a visit and gave fans a beautiful moment to relish for a lifetime.


Muhammad Ali was seated on a couch, while Mike Tyson impersonated his remarkable footwork that felt like a dance. Ali couldn’t speak much, but he smiled and threw the boxing sign to show his appreciation for Tyson.

Interestingly, Mike Tyson kept calling Ali the champ throughout the clip. “Watch me Ali, Champ, champ, watch my feet champ. Watch the feet champ,” said ‘Iron’ Mike.


While we could never see Ai and Tyson collide in the ring, there’s a legend in Larry Holmes who fought both the men. Muhammad Ai fought Holmes in 1980 in his second-last fight and lost the battle via RTD. Eight years later, Tyson avenged his idol’s defeat.



How did Mike Tyson avenge Muhammad Ali’s loss?

Larry Holmes vanquished Muhammad Ali via 10 round RTD to retain his WBC title. However, Mike Tyson took only four rounds to stop ‘The Easton Assassin’. When Tyson and Holmes locked horns, Ali was present at ringside. Undoubtedly he was cheering for ‘Iron’ Mike and he wasn’t deprived.

A young Tyson appeared sharp from the initial stage of the fight. Although Holmes alarmed him with a few good shots, Tyson responded in kind and earned a thunderous stoppage.

While Ali and Tyson remain incomparable for their unique features, fans will always continue to contrast them under several parameters.


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