Unforgettable Fights: The Boxing Battle That Trump Can’t Forget (Hint: It’s Not Mike Tyson)


Renowned as a multi-billionaire and former President of the United States, Donald Trump‘s fascination with combat sports, particularly boxing and MMA, is well-known. During the 80s and 90s, Trump was a prominent figure in hosting numerous significant boxing bouts, firmly establishing himself in the business.

In a recent podcast with UFC legend Matt Serra and comedian Jim Norton for the UFC, Trump opened up about the subject, sharing captivating details about the greatest boxing match he has ever had the pleasure of witnessing. According to Trump, the iconic middleweight title fight between Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler in 1985 stands unparalleled in history.

He said: “Tommy Hearns against Marv in Hagler. So that was less than four rounds. They said what’s the greatest fight you have ever seen? I said well one of them only lasted three rounds. So, you can’t have a great fight for three rounds but that was amongst the greatest three rounds ever. That was one of the greatest fights.”


Trump mentioned that the fight lasted only for three rounds but those were the best three rounds in the history of boxing. The fight took place inside the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Hagler won the fight via a third-round knockout.


Donald Trump comments on his relationship with Mike Tyson

The bond between Mike Tyson and Donald Trump traces back to their longstanding connection, with the former president having hosted numerous Tyson fights that captivated a massive fan base. As time passed, their relationship grew, and their mutual respect remains unwavering.

In a recent interview, Trump proudly disclosed that he hosted more Mike Tyson fights than anyone else, a testament to their shared history. Furthermore, he expressed that in a recent meeting, Tyson exhibited utmost warmth and kindness towards him.


In Trump’s own words, “I had a lot of Mike Tyson fights. I had more Mike Tyson fights than anybody else, and I got along great. In fact, I saw him recently, and he could not have been nicer. He was a draw; he could draw anything, and he had a great career.”

Trump continued to praise Tyson, acknowledging his remarkable talent and immense popularity as a fighter. Indeed, Tyson’s charisma and skill made him the biggest draw, attracting massive crowds each time he graced the ring during his prime. Undoubtedly, Tyson’s greatness in the sport earned him a devoted and extensive fan following.


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